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Mobile Tech November 2, 2005 posted by

Axcess G1000 WiFi phone.

The Axcess G-1000 WiFi VoIP phone. A colour screen clamshell mobile phone that provides SIP based voice over IP via any local WiFi connection? And with 40 polyphonic ringtones? Oh dear, the sound you hear is a horde of agonised phone company execs jumping off a capsizing business model. $299.95.  This is a brand new design, a clamshell (flip) cellular like Wi-Fi Phone with a TFT color display. It is the first one of its kind and will be available in limited quantities…

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Mobile Tech November 1, 2005 posted by

Cellink Mobile Charger.

The Cellink Plus 3–in-1 Mobile Phone Charger. The world’s only all in one mobile phone charger, USB flash drive and mobile data transfer gidget. According to the Korean translation we’ve got here, it also says ‘The charger of the evil tax frost form where the dry cell battery or communication cable is not a necessity’, which has got to be awesome, hasn’t it?

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Bookmark This! October 31, 2005 posted by


Snapzone. Ferrety reader James drops us a line about his new venture and it looks good. Basically a mobile phone online image gallery. Snap, send photo by email, et voila, published for the world to see. Haven’t had a chance to use it yet, but like the simple interface and setup.  SnapZone gives you a simple and easy way to store and share the photos you have on your mobile phone. Just take a snap on your mobile, send it…

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Gadgets October 3, 2005 posted by

Touch key phone.

Fascinating Mitsubishi prototype phone with a touch screen where the keypad should be. Which means that the keypad is infinitely configurable according to function. No name, price or other details, but it’s an interesting idea, no? [Thanks Yash]  Another change over the traditional touch pad screens is that these input screens have the possibility of feedback. On pressing the buttons on the screen, one can feel that they have been depressed like in a normal keypad. Also beautiful is the way…

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Mobile Tech October 3, 2005 posted by

Pocket casting.

ComVu’s Pocket Caster is kinda scary, don’t you think? This is a world where everyone will be able to carry around a mobile outside broadcast studio in their pocket. Just strikes muffin here that this could lead to all sorts of stuff. Imagine never knowing who’s filming who, for what purpose or when? DIY reality TV en masse. The beta is free, and there will be free and Pro versions eventually. Mmm….  ComVu has created the world’s first live video broadcast…

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Mobile Tech September 30, 2005 posted by

Phone control.

AlibiTel Contact Handler. OK folks, there are obviously some very good reasons why you might want to own software that lets you wipe details of calls you’ve made or received on your mobile phone. Ooh, like planning a surprise birthday party or…uh…negotiating a new job. But there are definitely some other reasons too, aren’t there? Not rocket science, is it? £6.95.  Deletes predefined called and calling numbers and details from your phone’s registers Replaces called or calling number if required Leaves no traces in…

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Mobile Tech September 27, 2005 posted by

Glam Phone.

The Elle GlamPhone. Phone and makeup mirror in perfect harmony. With 32 bit polyphonic tunes, 3MB internal memory and digital camera with 3x zoom. Also in a range of perfect matching lipstick colours. Nah, just kidding. Available next month for £149.99 SIM free.  Boasting dual colour display, polyphonic ring tones, a built-in mirror and internet access to check out the latest cinema times and places to shop, the ELLE GlamPhone is a must-have for gadget-loving fashion conscious girls. As if that wasn’t enough,…

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Mobile Tech August 26, 2005 posted by

Earth friendly RV.

The Earth Roamer XV-LT RV camper may not be the purtiest thing on God’s planet, but it’s probably the friendliest. Completely self-contained, it uses a combination of solar power from the roof, bio-diesel powered engine, cooking and heating facilities, and a ‘green’ toilet system to provide a go-anywhere vehicle that will perfectly match the WWF sticker in the windscreen. Priced from a really green $182,000.  With EarthRoamer XVs you can forget about being tied to a campsite for power; super-sized solar panels recharge massive marine batteries so you…

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Mobile Tech August 25, 2005 posted by

Private view.

3M Privacy Filters for laptops. Slap this on your screen and stop peeping Toms getting a look at your private notebook data. Around $29.95. And yes, TFT LCD screens originally took off because of their wide viewing angle vs DSTN. Go figure. True story. I’m on a recent press trip to the US to visit a large tech company, and just happen to end up sitting next to a seriously senior exec of the same company. He doesn’t know me from Adam…

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Free Software August 12, 2005 posted by


Phonifier. Dennis sends me news that Phonifier is now Open Source. What is it, I hear you ask impatiently. Well, it’s proxy software that makes web pages mobile phone friendly. Yes yes Skweezer does it too, but hear the man out, why don’t you? Tsk.  PHONifier was initially developed to optimize webpages automatically. You set to be your mobile homepage and then surf the web through the PHONifier proxy. Alternatively, you could install the PHONifier script on your server…

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Mobile Tech June 29, 2005 posted by

Choking smoking.

Stop Smoking for Series 60 smartphones. A portable nagging nanny of a program. Dr Pavlov meets Mr Nicotine? $24.99.  Stop Smoking! is a wonderful personalized Handheld based application that allows users to quit smoking by first recording their smoke patterns and then building a gradual withdrawal program. Users can quit without the use of drugs, patches or gum and without the symptoms of depression, withdrawal, and anxiety…

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Free Software June 23, 2005 posted by

Nokia Sensor.

The Nokia Sensor service looks kind of strange. It’s apparently some kind of pick-up service for party-goers. At least we think that’s what it is, judging by the Flash demo.   * Spontaneous social circles * Your portable personality * Instant communities and networks * Free to download, free to use * Free file sharing

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Mobile Tech June 21, 2005 posted by

Delta Jones.

The Delta II Reflex Keypad claims to be 4 to 5 times faster than conventional mobile phone keypads in the same form factor. Hmm..have we heard this tune somewhere before…?  It’s fast. Delta II typing speeds average 23 wpm using one hand, to 30+ wpm using both hands. Current 12-button mobile phone keypads average a grueling 8 wpm using one or both hands. It’s small. Single-hand operation. Fits easily into the tiniest smartphones, yet has buttons that are large enough…

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Mobile Tech June 16, 2005 posted by

Phone fashion and you.

Er..Matt L. sends me notification of a new report from ARCchart entitled Fashion and Style in the Mobile Handset Industry. It’s $1995.00 and 150 pages (PDF index) of worthy words detailing how fashion is driving the mobile phone market. Lots of brand marketing talk to get your head around if you’ve a mind. We haven’t, but hey, it gives us an excuse to run a funky future phone pic, so who’s complaining?

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