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cool tech June 14, 2005 posted by

Mobile deskphone.

In amongst the flurry of mobile handset announcements yesterday from the CommunicAsia mobile telecoms show, was a little gem from Nokia which flew in under the radar. The company has just announced a deal with OnRelay to market and supply the MBX convergent PBX mobile phone tech to corporate customers. This is super clever stuff which basically lets you seamlessly route mobile calls to and from your office switchboard on demand, even if you’re roaming 5000 miles away. How to…

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Mobile Tech June 10, 2005 posted by

Home where the buffalo roam.

UK2Abroad. The mobile phone roaming service with a difference, you keep your existing number. Apparently you can save up to 80% of roaming call charges. Really?  uk2abroad is a simple, but powerful service that seamlessly routes all calls made to your UK number onto a local prepaid SIM card, by-passing your UK mobile network and avoiding prohibitive roaming charges.

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Mobile Tech June 7, 2005 posted by

Moible desktop.

Remote Desktop for Mobiles. Looks like a clever Java VPN which lets you access a remote computer via your mobile phone. Betcha you won’t enjoy navigating Windows XP on a teeny tiny screen though, so maybe this is one for next generation handsets with beefier processors, larger screens et al? $29.99.   The Remote Desktop for Mobiles is a software designed for GSM mobile phones which support GPRS services and can be executing a Java (J2ME) applications. This software provides access to…

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Mobile Tech May 18, 2005 posted by

Sim 4 Trvl.

Sim4Travel.  Travel SIM with a Liechtenstein country code lets you receive free calls while roaming abroad. Uses a ring-back system to provide cheaper outgoing calls too. We need more of these third party roaming services to combat the price gouging currently going on by the mobile telcos.  The SIM4travel service works in almost all phones manufactured over the last 4 years. However, for some older phones there are a few exceptions. For these phones we have specially developed a ‘Menu based’ calling system…

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Mobile Tech May 16, 2005 posted by


The Secufone. Mobile phone, GPS and security alarm in one. Plus a really comforting Big Red Button. Price, no clue. Retailers, no idea. Availability, search me, Jack.    The alarm button is for special use. By pressing this button you will be connected to the associated alarm centre. Immediately a hands free speech connection is available so that you can indicate what the problem is. The Alarm center will then take the appropriate action to organize the help you need. Due to the…

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Mobile Tech May 11, 2005 posted by


Cellphedia. Portable wiki encyclopedia? Knowledge on the go? Instant genius? Cut it whichever way you want, Sherlock.  This is a cell phone application that promotes the sharing of knowledge. It allows to send and receive encyclopedia-type inquiries between specific, pre-defined groups of users, through Text messaging. Users can register here on this site and start building the quick-reference Cellphedia-type encyclopedia entries, by asking other users and answering other users’ questions where-ever cell phone service is available.

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cool tech April 21, 2005 posted by

Park by phone.

Pay by Phone parking has hit London at last. Woo-hoo. Clever tech developed by ParkMobile lets harassed motorists pay for the exact amount of time they spend in a parking bay just by making a mobile phone call. No more fumbling for change or over filling the meter. This is verily a huge advance for mankind. [via the Beeb]  When you arrive at a parking space call the pre-set Parkmobile number on your phone. You don’t need to speak – just key in a three-digit code…

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Bookmark This! April 21, 2005 posted by


smashTheTONES. Delicious. [Via Metafilter]  What is smashTheTONES? smashTheTONES takes your music (MP3s/M4As) and pictures and delivers them to your mobile phone as a ringtone or graphic, automatically. It works for most cellphones, around the world.

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Bookmark This! April 1, 2005 posted by

GPRS love.

This GPRS list is rather useful. GPRS data settings for major phone providers around the world. Definitely worth a bookmark.

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Mobile Tech March 21, 2005 posted by

Long distance cordless.

The Samsung Long Range Cordless Phone. $299.00 gets you up to 100 km (30 mile) range from your home landline service. And maybe a bit of a hot brain? Caveat!  This Samsung long-range cordless phone has a maximum range of 130km (sea level). Buildings, mountains, strong interferences such as amateur radio stations, and other obstacles, as well as the height and location of your aerial antenna may affect the distance.You will be able to make and receive calls from anywhere in…

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Mobile Tech March 18, 2005 posted by

Spot the cat.

The PointerPet Cat system. Fancy tracking your cat? Well good luck explaining why when it gets back home.  Our radar is an inconspicuous, light and safe utility-device for you to train and play with your pet. The pet transmitter sends a radio signal, which your pet radar will locate within up to 5 kilometers range. Pointer pet radars have been designed to locate indoors as well as in extreme environmental conditions.

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Mobile Tech March 18, 2005 posted by

Textual feeling.

TextEmail. Pretty neat SMS texting system for Windows. Download and install the £25.00 program into Outlook or Outlook Express, then send and receive SMS messages just like email for around 12p a pop. You can even get replies delivered to your inbox as well as mobile phone. This is the kind of convergent tech that makes sense.

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Mobile Tech March 15, 2005 posted by


The Benefon Esc! NT2002. Finnish mobile phone with inbuilt GPS navigation and a choice of pretty colours. With 2MB memory for downloadable maps and splash proof to boot! Would it be unfair to call this a loser phone? €734.00.  Navigation on detailed maps with waypoints and directions. Two-way communication of location and tracking information. Especially suitable for people who enjoy outdoor sports such as hiking, skiing and fishing. Also handy for navigation by boat, car or bike.

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Mobile Tech March 1, 2005 posted by

Ringtone glory.

The Java Ringtone Remixer. Supposed to show off the power of Java. Couldn’t get it to work with Firefox. Actually couldn’t get it to work with IE either. Nice idea though, guys.  The Ringtone ReMixer gives you the power to create custom mixes of the hottest hits on your PC browser and send them to your mobile handset. From your PC browser to your mobile phone, it is easy to compose your own custom ringtones and caller IDs. Get…

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ferret exclusive February 21, 2005 posted by


Pocketster-iPod. Take one iPod. Add a Pocket PC. Throw in Pockester Pro software and bingo, become a walking jukebox. From the ‘how weird is that?’ school of rock, in an Eastern Standard Tribe kind of way. €14.95 for the Pro software.  Pocketster Pro (the advanced version of Pocketster) takes the idea a step further and adds an iPod Module. The module enables you to publish your iPod playlists and have anyone in the area listen to previews or download tracks wirelessly from those…

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