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Nasty, slimy, gooey stuff!

sleaze tech July 19, 2005 posted by


The Wireless Spy Camera Alarm Clock. $61.00. Pinhole peeper. Wireless transmission and reception. Small size, Light weight. Low power consumption. High sensitivity. Easy to install and operate. Easy to conceal. Suitable for facilities in the supermarket, shop, workshop, warehouse, school, office and home. CAUTION : The person who uses this product to peep, shoot and undertake other illegal activities, will be punished.

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sleaze tech May 12, 2005 posted by

GPS tracker.

The Tri-Band GPS Tracker. Combination GPS and GSM tracking module and alarm that sends positional information via SMS. Pocket sized, plug and play, accurate to within 15 meters and 48 hours operation per charge.  Compact GPS Covert Tracker Designed for Vehicle Security/Micro GPS Tracking Application, providing you with peace of mind all the time when your vehicles are away from you…When under emergent [sic]circumstances, you can issue an Emergency Alert for assistance by pressing Tri-Band G-19B’s Panic Button. Your location will then…

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hmm..interesting April 15, 2005 posted by

Adware scum run.

Richard Stiennon has produced a short report on his blog looking at the extent of the global adware ‘plague’, using figures culled from a sample of 1.49 million computers. If the figures are true they’re astonishing. To quote a teeny bit: If we take the leap and assume that the sample is representative of the Internet in total we can estimate how many machines have each of these products installed on them. Using the reported number of “active Internet users” from the…

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sleaze tech April 1, 2005 posted by

The sneaky cam.

The Secret Camcorder Clock. Hah, the perfect birthday present for one you love. Decorative and yet…..well slimy. $199.95. [Thanks Jerry!]  A motion-activated security video camera recorder is hidden inside a fully functional and discreet LCD clock that sits on a shelf. Play the full-motion AVI digital video files through your computer or laptop using the included USB cable. Built-in 64MB memory records up to 12 minutes of color video (note there is no audio). Expand recording time with available MMC…

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Gadgets March 11, 2005 posted by

Spy writing.

The Digital Spy Camera Pen. $69.95. The strange thing about this surreptitious slither of a scribe is the audible speech feature. Shirley if you’re a real spy you don’t want the darn thing announcing “you have taken 15 photos, Mr Bond” at awkward moments, do you? Strange days. 2MB of built-in memory Auto focus, exposure and balance Compact size fits in shirt pocket Store up to 36, 160 x 120 pixel images Voice function audibly “tells” user number of pictures…

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sleaze tech January 5, 2005 posted by


The GEN III Video Sunglasses . Get a pair and blend seamlessly into the background anywhere. Just like dear happy Harry pictured here. Undercover? You betcha!

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sleaze tech December 7, 2004 posted by

X-Ray spex.

Envelope X-Ray Spray. $19.99. Yes folks, another in a regrettably long line of sleazy sweat tech.  Envelope X-RAY Spray turns opaque paper temporarily translucent, allowing the user to view the contents of an envelope without ever opening it. 30 seconds after the application, the envelope will return to its original state, leaving absolutely no markings, discoloration, or other indications of use. Each can treats several hundred square inches.

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