Dan Ferris is the Red Ferret’s Oceanic correspondent and Associate Editor based in Sydney, Australia.
Despite not knowing Russell Crowe or Nicole Kidman, Dan has risen above adversity and after sending one too many emails to Nigel pointing out useless USB widgets, he signed on with The Red Ferret as a Senior Contributor. Dan also writes for a living, but only when it doesn’t get in the way of his photography and tinkering with computers. In recent news Dan has seen the error of his ways and is now spending way too much of his free time training to use a Mac. You can write to him at dan AT

Debra Atlas is a freelance environmental writer and eco-enthusiast based in Northern California, and is the Red Ferret’s Ecological Editor.
Debra looks for the upside of eco-change – what’s positive, making a difference. She hunts down those interesting things cooked up by creative minds, especially if they’re strange and eccentric. When she finds a new innovation or amazing product that solves some eco-related problem, she can’t wait to tear into the story and bring it to the readers of the Red Ferret. You can find her blog at

Fritz Effenberger is the Red Ferret’s Technology Editor and represents that part of the ‘Deutschland’ posse which is dedicated to reason, enlightenment, computers, robots, first-person-shooters, science fiction, filesharing and inappropriate jokes about religion. Besides and beyond that Fritz is your average global greyhaired geek in black t-shirt, black jeans, black sneakers and black-rimmed-glasses. Look for him in any non-fantasy MMORPG, or in blogs on the beforementioned topics. Blogs like 11k2, Techfieber, 11tech. Send love letters and gift certs (large amounts only please!) to effenberger at