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Dean Kamen’s Slingshot water purifier and Stirling generator tech – low cost water and power for the developing world


Dean Kamen has unveiled the latest iteration of his power and water package for the third world. The two components are a water purifier called Slingshot that uses a fraction of the power of alternatives and a Stirling engine based power generator that works on cow dung. The $1500 water purifier will produce 1000 liters of water a day, while the $3,700 generator produces around 1 kW, which is enough to deliver light to a small village. The two products have been in development for years, but it looks as though they are now ready for more prime time consideration.

It’s amazing that in this day and age, when investment bankers routinely take home $50 million paychecks, we can’t seem to work out how to help the majority of people on this planet from being at risk through lack of water and power. Astonishing. Here’s hoping things change sooner rather than later.


  • I’m afraid price amounts are not quite correct. Currently, purifier and generator prototypes are over $200000 each, but industrial production should lower the price to $1500 a unit. However, these prototypes have been around for a few years now (3 or 4, I think) and still no sign of industrial manufacturing.

  • I’m afraid the financial side of these products will impact the interest in them…..consider that here in South Africa with the current power crisis more people are investing in fuel-based generators (a 5Kw generator going for R6500 = +- $850). If we’re to help the impoverished third world we’re going to have to come up with much cheaper alternatives. $1500 is almost an annual salary for most africans…..:(

  • It seems clear that there is an agenda for not wanting this technology available to the third world en mass?? Why??

  • Actually, from what I was reading they’re looking to use the same economic model that is being used with cell phones in the third world. Where they provide a loan to a village, sell them the two products and then the village repays them. Karen is actually targeting the third world with this product. The only real question is why financial backing hasn’t been produced to mass market these.

  • soy colombiano y estoy interesaso en comprar un sistema de sling shot
    deseo saber el valor para comprarlo
    le agradezco me responda lo mas rapìdo posible

    • te escribo desde quito ecuador yo tambien estoy interesado en el sistema slig-shot para mi casa si ya tienes informacion del precio y como adquirirlo ,te agradeceria me envies la informacion a mi e-mail. [email protected]

    • it might be a while before this thing is able for you to buy. sorry buddy. theres other alternatives on the market you can seek though.

  • Hi – I just saw this on TV and think it got great potential – but has to be mass produced – and marketed to get the price points right. I believe that the first step should be to allay the product with commercial interests that could help bring it to fruition. My thoughts are not totally alturistic… I am involved in developing a new water concept that will greatly reduce the amount of PET plastic used in more developed countries provision of water at home and in the workplace. However I feel that we should have a water related charity that passes some of the benefit on to a worthwhile cause… hence if we linked our new product development (which will be highly visible in homes and offices) with a new product that has such potential (but needs to be mass produced to get the price point right) – well then its win win.

    I trained as a Microbiologist but was one of the early movers in Filtered water coolers. I have had a background in Point Of Use coolers (POU) – having built up and sold one of Europes biggest POU companies… so I am sold on the concept of POU. However it does not work everywhere… hence my new idea (see Link sales of water by us to development and supply of a good pure water system for the third world… seems to make sense??

    What do you all think?

    Kieran Mckenna.

    • nice comments buddy

  • I find excellent this new invention and I want to stand out their creator's brilliant mind; I am civil engineer and I live in a region of Colombia that calls you Casanare, in these places some communities that suffer illnesses of diarrhea like consequence of the terrible quality of the water that consume, in summer season exist I would like to send some pictures of the water aque they take; it is for it that interests me vastly the SLINGSHOT and I would like to elaborate some project to help there are these families, for what I am appreciated them they send information to know but the product like rhythm in maintenance, their maintenance requires technical personnel, the reserves are easy to get, as I can get it, through who can make orders, in Colombia is sold already in that region, I can install it in properties, etc., I am appreciated him they send the biggest information possible to my e-mail: [email protected].

    Thank you


    • Hello, Mr.Kamen's Slingshot is not commercially available as far as we know. However, those who are looking for affordable and effective water purifiers we can offer them water purifying units with price ranging from US$300 to US$900 depending on the type of unit client requires. The cheapest ones are the basic model and price increases for the more advanced purifiers. Our email id : [email protected]

  • me interesaria tener uno como lo obtego?????????

  • quisiera como muchos otros aca, una informacion mas clara de como adquirir el producto, soy colombiano, mas exactamente vivo en bogota, culaquier informacion disponible favor comunicarse al 031-2036555, Bogota, Colombia o escribir al mail: [email protected]

    • gracias, por cualquier ayuda¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  • I¨´dont speak english
    Deseria mas informacion sobre los equipos de su produccion en la intencion de traer a mi pais para acomodar en el area rural o campo, a la espera de noticias suyas le dejo mi e mail

  • hi I am ansh from india.
    i some how came to know about the product sling shot , and i really like it
    can you have any demonstration of your product here in india.
    if so i would love to see it.
    i stay in gurgaon near new delhi(capital of india).

  • this is a nice idea, that too in the present world engulfed in watercrisis

  • Hi, Congratulaations for your invent. I need know more this product. Cost maintenance, how purchase. Etc. __I live in Guatemala City.

  • Hi please send me all the info and prices.
    I am from South Africa and this will be great for the rural areas.

    Christo van Jaarsveld

  • I have seen this product on television and I'm very excited at the possibilities. I'm currently living in Colombia and after having visited some of the northern Caribbean coast, I have witnessed a obvious need for a purifier like this! It's sad really; we're not even talking about the other side of the globe, just a 2 1/2 hour flight from Miami and BOOM! Poverty and death are at our US door step and most don't even realize it.

    Anyone with any further information please feel free to email me at: [email protected] and if I get some further information I will do the same.

    Gustavo C.

  • me parece que la tecnología de slingshot es muy apreciable y me gustaría adquirir algunos, le escribo desde España y le agradecería me contactará.

    [email protected]

  • I think a Kiva type approach may be a way to move, if the price can be brought in at say $2,500. One village at a time I for one would be willing to participate. Setting it up as a loan to be repaid by the first village, then at my option I could roll over the repayment into another village. I like to sell items put the money into Kiva, stuff from my closets that I no longer use, my neighbors know I do this and often contribute, even occasional dumpster diving I sell on craigslist. I help recycle items that would go to a land fill , and help out others. Without effecting my income, which is fixed, I look at it as a hobby in my little work shop I repair the small appliances I can before selling them, what iI cannot sell I donate to the Salvation Army. It is fun, and gives me something useful to do in my retirement.

  • right we are in a drawt and this would great please tell me where to buy one

  • I hope there is something I can be of sone help. I can contact some manufacturers in Taiwan or China if I can get some information and details first. To cost down can be
    achieved one step by one step.

  • cause no body care enough about this….
    i would buy if i could…..

  • I¨´dont speak english

    Deseria mas informacion sobre los equipos de su produccion en la intencion de traer a mi pais (ECUADOR) para acomodar en el area rural o campo, a la espera de noticias suyas le dejo mi e mail [email protected] / [email protected]

  • Me podrian mandar información para poder Adquirir Uno de sus productos. lo vi en el programa de Discovery.

  • Is noce solution , pls send me contact information , my country EL Salvador ,have some disastres in nov2009 , and some remote sites , the people don´t have services ,.
    my e-mail [email protected] ,

  • Hola, estoy interesada en comprar varias maquinas, le escribo desde Ecuador. Necesito mayor informacion tecnica y de precios, por favor enviarla al correo [email protected]

  • Me interesó mucho su producto, soy de Hermosillo, Sonora, México, lugar donde tenemos un serio problema de abasto de agua potable. Les agradeceré mucho información más amplia para adquirir un equipo.
    Lic. Miguel Tadeo Nichols Flores

  • HE visto su producto y me doy cuenta de que es lo que necesitamos para una mejor calidad de vida en las zonas mas necesitadas de neustro pais colombia, vi su programa en discovery chanel e inmeditamente ingrse a internet a buscarle, escuche que su producto tiene un costo promedio de $2000 dolares, es un producto muy economico para su economia, siga trabajando en ese proyecto porfavor perfeccionelo y busque patroncinadores, lo vamos a necesitar mas de lo que muchos pensamos.

  • Imagine how many lives could be saved in Haiti if even one or two of Dean's devices were sent to help…

  • Our science leadingship club at Aviation hs supports Dean's quest. We are group within our first robotic team exploring ways to build the machine that does the job…. 4 now team 1601 has collected to send water relief to the needy in Haiti. maybe a new effort at an old idea………seaWater4free

  • Hello, I`m very interested in this product and willing to buy it, but can`t find it anywhere… Please send me any details how to buy. Our church does missionary work in India (New Delhi), those people need this Slingshot purifier desperately!
    Please send me info to: [email protected]

    • There are other ways as well that might be beneficial to your cause at this time as I'm not sure this machine is readily available at this time.
      Have you heard of Biosand filters? They are used in many places in the world at this time and are inexpensive to build, do an amazingly good job of filtering water from a number of things including turbidity, viruses, bacteria, helminths and even arsenic.
      They don't do everything but they are so much better than nothing and they can be built easily in-country.
      Check out this link:
      Also google "biosand filters" and you'll find others.
      I am currently working on implementing these in Uganda.
      Cheers and best of luck !


  • Dean,
    I really think the Military should look into the water purifier for their FOBs (Forward Operating Bases in the Middle East. I served in Iraq & am now in Afghanistan and we currently have tons of bottled water being trucked every day. Logistics are very tough when the primary weapon are roadside HME/IEDs.
    Do you have plans for energy producer that runs on paper & plastic waste? These FOBs have a bunch as the serve all their food with paper plates and plastic ware. And they currently burn it all with the smoke often blowing over the FOB with a change in wind direction.

  • Es de verdad sumamente interesante esos sistemas tecnológicos alternativos, por el enorme beneficio que representarían para nuestras comunidades en donde las carencias de agua y energía constituyen una gran barrera para el desarrollo, quisiéramos poder conocer mas información de los sistemas y como poder tener acceso a ellos pues esta dentro de las metas y beneficios que como empresa comunitaria esperamos poder entregar a un gran numero de familias de municipios muy pobres de la región norte de Colombia.
    mi e-mail es [email protected] y el celular 3126820139


  • Hola. me gustaria tener mas informacion y precio del sling shot. porque estoy interesado en el producto

  • Jueves 18 Noviembre 2011.

    Hola me gustaría mucho tener más información de la maquina de destilar el agua y hacer electricidad. Soy de España, también tengo muchas ideas de hacer electricidad sin necesidad de consumo de ningún producto y otras ideas o posibles inventos importantes. Me gustaría saber como puedo comprar la maquina para destilar el agua y hacer electricidad. Mi correo es [email protected]. Si podéis escribir si podéis ayudarme, muchas gracias.

  • Hi!Mr.Dean Kamen, I wud like 2 know as 2 how2 contact u, plus what´s ur business addrs ; etc, we`re ntrstd 2 see & purchase d complete Slingshot w.p. nclusiv d sterling generator .We wud like 2 see also how 2 operate it & know abt. its maintenance, service etc. rgrding ds products of yours. pls. contact us : [email protected]

  • hello every body…
    please can you tell the email of prof.dean kamen
    thank you over all.

  • Very innovative .

  • Dear Mr Dean Kamen,
    My name is Lokman from Malaysia , looking at your Sligshot water drinking machine,I am very interested.Deep in the hinterlands of our Malaysian Borneo states,the unavailability of Drinking water is a very serious problem. I can get anyone of our Malaysian member state to join venture with you to Mass produce your Slingshot water purifier.I believe if my pilot project for the hinterland is successful,we could use Slingshot enmass here in Asian region,thereby creating demand,thus bringing down the product price.I can also get Malaysian Govt grant for project of this nature,Thanks and am looking forward to hear from you asap.Please email me lokmannr@yahoo,com

  • Soy Arquitecto y estoy convencidon que si no nos unimos para salvar a el planeta, lo perdemos, por eso quiero y me interesa saber como, y con quien tengo que hablar para poder conseguir el SLINSHOt y el generador de luz para poder solucionarle a mucha gente sus necesidades primarias que en nuestros paises tercermundistas los gobiernos los abandonan. ME INTERESA SOBREMANERA . LES AGRADECERIA RESPONDER LO MAS PRONTO ESTE CORREO. RECIBAN UN CORDIAL SALUDO Y PARA EL CIENTIFICO DEAN KAMEN UN AGRADECIMIENTO POR SUS INVENTOS.

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