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DoNotSpy – worried about your Windows 10 privacy? Well stay away from this grubby piece of freeware [Freeware]


The massive update process behind Microsoft’s Windows 10 rolls on, with over 60 million installs so far and counting. This is huge. But there are a number of issues with the whole process, not only broken drivers which stop things working, but also the rather unpleasant range of privacy settings which Windows inflicts on the user. Things like tracking your movements on the web, or your communications, stuff like that. Not surprisingly, a fair number of people are objecting, which is why tools are starting to arrive to tackle the issue. Here’s one to avoid.


DoNotSpy is a simple little free utility from German coding house pXc-coding. It has one simple job, to let you disable all the horrible little privacy intrusions baked into Windows 10 at one go. Such has been the fervent over this privacy stuff, that even Fox News has covered this little utility, although they did miss one very important fact.


The software does indeed appear to let you disable all of Windows 10 privacy ‘issues’, (although it’s hard to tell, because there’s no test feature in the utility we could see) but it comes with a price. For one thing it’s only free for non-commercial use, as the company’s license states (for anyone that bothers to read it). But much much worse to my mind is the fact that during the installation it deviously tries to install two pieces of scumware, and not only that, but it shrinks the screen text on the installation panel to an almost unreadable size to try and confuse people.


Take a look at the two screengrabs above. Notice anything different about the text sizes? Look closer. You’ll have to. The two pieces of trash are Baidu Desktop Weather and AVG Tune Up, both of which have nothing to do with Windows 10 privacy of course. It’s only when you select the custom option that you ‘see’ – if you squint really hard – the option to avoid installing The Desktop Tool. Amazingly underhand, and disgusting for a company that is purporting to help people avoid intrusive privacy issues on their computer. Irony much?


So our advice to you is, if you see this product being pushed around as a solution to your Windows 10 privacy woes, DO NOT INSTALL. Do yourself a favor and look for another less grubby utility, or go through the settings yourself as per the many articles out there. This sort of perversion and corruption of freeware nowadays is really disgusting.


  • Thank you for the heads up, Nigel. Still deciding if I should switch to Windows 10. Been on Linux for the last 6 months on a failing laptop. Was waiting for the Win10 release when suddenly everything that’s wrong with tech today was incorporated in the new OS.

    • Yes, quite. Interesting to watch though. :)

  • Windows latest spyware was made available for free because Gates and Company know that many users will jump at free software without a second thought and that my friends is the problem. We have entrusted our entire lives to computers and the hard-drives which contain our lives. What Microsoft has done was market the slickest bit of spyware since the NSA. It sniffs, records and ships off so much about each user that they really don’t need your name or address to find you the data is tracking you. What disgusts me is that mainstream media isn’t really putting the needed info out there to protect the public. Look into Gates beliefs and what he has been involved in. It’s pretty scary stuff. Consider what they have admitted to, target marketing. Bottom line…knowledge is power and he who controls what the people read and buy, controls the people. Why do you think Gates wants tablets in the hands of every school child??? Simple, it’s marketing and tracking. If you don’t have any “Must Have” programs that only run under Windows do yourself a favor…. Check out Linux. Otherwise, read up on shutting down the various snooping aspects of Windows 10, the greatest spyware scam ever perpetrated on the world.

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