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Everything you NEED to know about Net Neutrality with some comedy magic thrown in as well


So this particular video is going the rounds at the moment, but it’s important enough to be featured everywhere, so we’re happy to report it again here. If you have been bored stupid by all the ongoing ruckus over Net Neutrality, and even a little confused by what it means, then you REALLY need to watch this hilarious video from comedian John Oliver.

His 13 minute rant (video below – stick with it, it’s worth it) is a classic example of how to explain complex, boring subjects intelligently and more importantly clearly, so that people can understand and make an informed decision. Because at the bottom of it all, this hoopla is nothing less than a naked battle for control of the Internet so that the cable and Internet service provider companies can make more money and decide who gets prime speeds and who doesn’t. It sucks. It’s like the post office being allowed to take bids for every letter that’s sent, and relegating letters from those who can’t pay a fat fee to delivery by horse and carriage.


Oliver doesn’t mince his words (watch out for a few bleeps), and crucially he lays out all the reasons why we, the users at the end of the chain, really need to get up and do something before it’s too late. What makes this important is it’s not boring, his blend of humor and facts are compelling and at the end of it we defy anyone to sit back and think it’s all just politics and games. It’s real and we need to fight for it.


The best bit is the end where he delivers a call to arms for Internet trolls (and normal users we’re sure) to contact the FCC during this ‘open discussion’ phase to let them know that you don’t want the neutrality of the Internet removed to let providers charge premium rates to deliver the web and services to the public.

If you feel strongly about this (and you should) go to and register your own views on the matter. It doesn’t have to be much, just let them know. If enough people make the effort they will have to listen (remember SOPA?).


When you get to the FCC site, click on the 14-28 Proceeding (Protecting and Promoting The Open Internet) link, which is currently at the top of the list, and then click on the Submit a Filing (Express) in the top left hand column. This will give you this form (below), which takes all of 20 seconds for fill out.


Add in your choice of comments, here’s an example of one that was just left –

I heartily oppose the proposed fast lane internet. The internet does not belong to
any one corporation and the thought of accepting payment from companies in exchange
for having their data put into the “fast lane,” while others languish and get timed
out due to being sent at a snails pace is reprehensible. Let’s keep this particular
playing field level and enforce net neutrality!

– but you should use your own words if possible. Here’s the full video below for your enjoyment.

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