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Fuel Checker – make sure you’re putting the right stuff into your tank every time


Fuel Checker. Apparently 150,000 motorists put the wrong fuel into their tanks by mistake every year. That’s right, they pick up the diesel nozzle instead of the petrol one or vice versa and end up with a very sad engine and a rather large repair bill. This puppy aims to avoid all that pain by giving you instant visual clearance before you start refuelling. Just hold the nozzle up to the unit and it will flash green for OK and red for no way Jose. Clever eh? As long as you remember to use it. Anyway, it’s £19.99 for either a petrol or a diesel version.

 Easy to fit and simple to use. Simply attach the Fuel Checker to the inside of your filler flap and press the fuel nozzle between the jaws of the Fuel Checker before you fill up. Watch for the lights to confirm you’re safe to continue to fuel. It really is that simple! Never misfuel again.


  • I’m sorry but the idea of having an ELECTRICAL device that uses contacts to tell you if the pump is diesel or unleaded…no thanks. Why don’t you just install a restrictor insert into your filler to prevent the wrong nozzle going into your tank.

  • 20 quid to save you the trouble of reading what’s written both on the pump, and on the nozzle itself, and checking it matches what your vehicle needs? No thanks!

    You know how stupid the average person is? Well, 50% of people are even more stupid than this, as shown by 150,000 of them putting the wrong fuel in. These people need to shake themselves up rather than wanting the world to nanny them.

    Blimey, I do sound a bit “Daily Mail” this morning, sorry about that!

  • Heh, it’s OK Ian, we all have our grump days. :-)

  • now lets hope people don’t forget to use the Fuel Checker :)

  • I always fear for humanity, just a little bit, when I see things like this. :)

  • Hang on in there Sherry, just hang in there… :-)

  • Just glue a pop-up speaking doll on top of your gas/petrol tank cap.

    The recording might say, “Hey fool, is this diesel?”

  • @Ron – in a Mr T voice perhaps? :-)

  • I'm just a bit confused, perhaps this is a US/UK issue, but our gas pumps and diesel pumps are never on the same unit. You have to drive up to the diesel pump separately, sometimes it is even far away from the rest of the pumps. I guess this product just isn't needed here!

    • Ahh…that's interesting. In the UK and Europe all the pumps are grouped together, so you can easily use the wrong one if you're not careful. I think that's probably because there are more diesel cars in Europe than in the US.

  • does this check quality of fuel or just type?

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