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Green Glue – soundproofing gets a strange new material


Green Glue is a new liquid material which the makers claim substantially reduces sound by converting the audio vibration into heat. It’s deployed by sandwiching it between two layers of thin material like drywall or plywood. The concept sounds absolutely fascinating, especially for city dwellers who have a permanent battle with noise pollution, and I’d love to know whether it works as advertised. Their website contains an impressive amount of information, but that’s not everything of course.

 How does Green Glue Work? In a constrained layer damping system, sometimes referred to as CLD, a damping material is sandwiched between two other (usually stiff/center of the “sandwich” is sheared rigid) materials. For example, Green Glue sandwiched between two layers of drywall. Damping occurs when the viscoelastic center of the “sandwich” is sheared… When bent, shear forces pull and stretch on the damping material. Under these conditions, the unique polymeric construction of Green Glue very efficiently converts this mechanical energy to heat. The vibration energy is not isolated, it’s dissipated and gone.


  • QuietGlue has been available since 2003 and QuietRock is a very popular line of drywall products for soundproofing used by major multifamily builders, but also available to cinsumers nationwide.

  • I didn’t mean to burn my house down. You see, I just turned the stereo up a little bit too loud

  • Be sure to check the literature when comparing Green Glue to QuietGlue, from what I understand the Green Glue performs better with lower frequency noise. You should review the test papers at both sites before making a decision. Dave:

  • Thanks for that Dave, useful advice.

  • Green Glue is also way cheaper than Quiet Rock. Check out the price at in addition since Green Glue needs to be applied to 2 layers of drywall you are already getting better results due to your heavier wall. (in new construction. Of course the same applies to Quiet Glue but as Dave already pointed out, Green Glue is just a better damping compound).

  • Green Glue is definitely available online through several sites, here is one:

  • Red – Green Glue is an interesting product and does work as advertised. We have well into the thousands of customers that have used Green Glue and with an almost 100% success rate. 'Failure' with Green Glue can usually be contributed to too high of expectations or ignoring obvious flanking paths.

    Tikker – The 'temperature increase' from Green Glue is not really measurable and will of course not burn down your house. : )

    If you have any questions about sound isolation I would be more than happy to talk to you. Check out my site at

  • QuietGlue is 20% cheaper than GreenGlue.
    QuietRock is a different product and not a damping compound.
    And QuietRock will give better results than green glue. It can’t be compared with quietrock.
    QuietRock has drywall, damping compound and more, which saves a lot of time and work.

  • Quirt Rock may be different but it costs a lot more Green Glue. Quiet Glue which may be cheaper is a damping compound but Green Glue is a better performer. Green Glue can also be purchase in buckets and in conjunction with acoustical caulk. See this link showing the options and prices of Green Glue

  • Here is some great, brand-new info on DIY sound proofing. Serious Materials just launched a new and improved sound damping glue, QuietGlue Pro ( QuietGlue Pro’s improved sound damping technology delivers the highest quality noise control at 30% lower cost compared to Green Glue. In fact, QuietGlue Pro outperforms Green Glue in new, back-to-back testing. Learn more about these recent tests in the white paper QuietGlue Pro vs. Green Glue plus see all of the underlying test reports online.

    QuietGlue Pro is the perfect solution for small soundproofing projects if you are Doing-in-Yourself. However, for larger residential, light-commercial or commercial applications sound damping glue does not make sense. Soundproofing drywall panels like QuietRock ES are by far the most cost-effective solution when you factor in labor costs. Applying glue to two panels of drywall more than triples the installation time (again see the white paper above) compared to the installation of sound proofed drywall panels. Unless labor is free and time is plentiful, QuietRock is a better option.

  • I have finally found a uk supplier</s&gt; – anyone…

  • The original quiet glue was not as good as green glue but quiet glue pro which is newer does work better. i have used both since i started soundproofing for a living but now i only recommend quietglue pro as it costs less and does everything green glue can but better.

    just my opinion though, do some research and make up your own mind.

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