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Honeywell Forecast Projector – time and tornados on your wall or ceiling, Marge


Guys, this Honeywell Forecast Projector thing? Is that THE Honeywell that used to make mainframe computers? You know, the H in BUNCH? If so, wow dude, how have the mighty crashed and burned. I’ll always associate Honeywell with towering faceless headquarter buildings with acres of glass, humming electricals and deeply soulless furnishings. Wow. Sorry where were we?

Oh yeah, so this thing beams the time and weather onto your ceiling and walls and comes with…no seriously, is it Honeywell? That’s so totally sad. What next, IBM selling toiletries? Progress thy name is cruelty. $99.99.

 See the temperature at a glance as well as an accurate forecast without moving from your bed! The Honeywell Forecaster With Projection shows the time, indoor and outdoor temperature and forecast on an attractive display that can sit on your desk or nightstand, and it will also project the time and temperature onto a wall or your ceiling for at-a-glance information in the middle of the night. This weather station comes with a wireless sensor that transmits data continuously so that you’ll be able to see the outdoor temperature without leaving the comfort of your home.


  • i wouldnt be suprised if this was the product of a company they bought up, they've gone into a few new fields this way, i use barcode scanning equiptment at work which used to be made by metrologic, but now its a honeywell company,

    • That would definitely make me feel better. :)

  • Honeywell actually started out making control systems, and is well known for making home thermostats. What would be really neat is if this could adjust your indoor temperature based on the outdoor temperature and weather forecast.

  • Nigel, I'm working for Honeywell at the moment. Everyone remembers the mainframes, but they sold that division in the early nineties. They're divided into 4 divisions Aerospace, Automation and Control systems, Specialty materials and Transportation systems. Not sure who makes the Tornado forecaster, probably ACS.

    • Jim, I'm so glad you guys are still alive and kicking in there. :-) Shame about the mainframes, but that's life I guess, eh?

  • Actually Honeywell was acquired by AlliedSignal in 1999. Larry Bossidy decided to keep the Honeywell name because it was more recognizable. A lot of the stuff you see with the Honeywell name (Weather stations, TV's, Fans, Vacuum cleaner bags etc) are made by other companies that license the Honeywell name!

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