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How to make emergency eyeglasses – jungle survival 102


How to make some emergency eyeglasses. Useful little tip, no?

 These emergency glasses are designed to restore a bit of your sight by working on the principle of the pinhole camera. The pinhole captures only certain straight rays of light that focus on the retina of the eye (or on the film plane of a pinhole camera). Align several of these pin holes onto an opaque surface and look through it, and voila! – each hole becomes a tiny lens offering a clearer image.


  • Or you could squint.

  • I think this is odd. Would this really help?

  • I was very skeptical about this, because I have astigmatism as well as poor eyesight, but I just tried this with a pushpin and a 3×5 card and could read (although it looked a bit foggy) across the room! I also tried multiple punches, but found that one single one worked best. AMAZING!

  • I’ve got astigmatism as well. Not only does this work for me, I was able to duplicate the effect (somewhat) peering through the tiny gap left in a tightly curled finger.

    This completely blows the ending of the Twilight Zone episode “Time Enough at Last” out of the water.

    Burgess Meredith just needed to poke a pinhole in one of the check-out cards from the back of the library book and he’d be good to go – or at least be able to see well enough to find an optometrist’s office to scavenge.

  • Unbelievable, it works! Everything is blurry when I try to read with my right eye normally, but when I use the pinhole effect, I can read clearly. Wild and wonderful! Thanks.

  • This technique will also make a decent substitute for glacier googles to prevent snow blindness if stuck out on snow or ice and it's sunny.

  • Actually, target shooters have used this technique for years to improve their vision for seeing the target, front, and rear sights on their rifle. It increases the f-number (like on a camera) so that you have more depth in focus. Just like photos, a small f-number will keep close objects in focus and further away objects blurry.

  • I guess only in a minor emergency situation. No one would realize to make this during the hard situation.

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