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InaTrap Electronic Insect Killer – say goodbye to the buzz-buzz sting… [Review]


Some people do not believe in soul-sucking demons. They do not think it is possible that some entity could float up to you and begin to suck the life force from your body. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but these demon creatures exist – we call them *mosquitoes*. Fortunately the folks at InaDays and Acase have created a nice and attractive demon exorcism machine that they have packaged as a giant night light.

Instead of using Holy Water and Strange Mumbles, the InaTrap Insect Killer uses a specially coated light source to create a double effect – attracting mosquitos to the light and producing CO2 to mimic human respiration. Think of it this way…the InaTrap is to mosquitos as 300 year old cemeteries are to demons, except this is one final resting place that the demons can never escape.


OK, that is all great, but does the product work? Yes, the science is actually sound, and as the video below shows, it was able to catch a mosquito in the middle of the winter. Other products like the Mosquito Magnet also have a proven track record of killing the blood suckers, but the Mosquito Magnet uses a propane tank (to generate CO2) and a chemical attractant to draw in the bugs, both of which make for relatively expensive running costs.

The InaTrap is strictly for indoor use however and does not use a chemical attractant, but it is surprisingly effective in attracting the bugs. Once the mosquitoes are near the device they are drawn into the trap by a small fan that is placed directly underneath the light which sucks them into a small holding pan – from which there is no return! See my video run through for more details:


– Three settings – on, off, and a 12 hour cycle

– The light is coated with a photo-catalyst (TiO2) that reacts with air to form CO2. It should be noted that I measured the CO2 levels near the InaTrap and they were only marginally higher than the ambient air. This would indicate that InaTrap will probably work best in an empty room (because if you are in the same room as the InaTrap YOU will be the larger source of CO2).

– Replacement bulbs are available on the InaDays web page for about $20 – note that bulbs are rated for between 20,000-50,000 hours.

– Almost soundless operation – the only sound is the slight hum of the fan

– Use of a small amount of stearic acid or white wine in the trap will increase the effectiveness in attracting mosquitos. Stearic acid is commonly used in cosmetics…. so in a way a mosquito is much like a mature woman. They like white wine, enjoy cosmetics and will suck the blood out of their prey. I digress (and I am joking, of course, dear!!!)

– If all else fails, it makes a very cool looking night light.

Conclusion: The InaTrap is a nice option for use in a small room to help draw in mosquitos. While it does work it will be most effective if placed in an unoccupied room. This may be a drawback to any buyer who had hoped to use the product to help fend off demons, err mosquitos, while they sleep.

Price $90 and available on


  • Very Nice; "Promo Video", you put up! "This Video is Private", sure makes for a great sales aide!

    • You have been puunked…!!!

      <OK, so not really, we messed up. Fixed now. Sorry>

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