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Internet Panic Button – Kills your internet faster than torrenting in the UK


I’ve seen some silly, silly things in my year or so here at the Ferret, but gosh darn if this thing don’t take the cake. It’s a big fat Internet Panic Button which will physically (their word, not mine) disconnect your computer from the Ethernet port it’s connected to. Or, for maximum carnage, you can stick it between your router and modem and drive the whole family nuts. So there you have it, push the red button and internet go bye bye. Or you could just yoink out the network cable, your choice. US$19.95 plus shipping.

The Internet cut off switch is convenient, close at hand and physically severs your internet or network connection immediately with the touch of a button. When switched back on, the internet refreshes in seconds, allowing you to resume where you left off. This network cut off switch includes 6 feet of high speed computer network cable, one easy to use internet cut off switch, and a female ethernet cable adapter to connect to your existing ethernet cable.

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  • I purchased one of these switches for every computer in my office and made it policy that when my employees left there desk to just hit the button. My internal internet bandwidth has never been so fast and my computer problems have been reduced dramatically, Not to mention that my data is secure FROM ANAUTHORIZED REMOTE ACCESS WHEN THE BUTTON IS PRESSED. Lets face it not everyone turns off the computer when there not using it and it takes too much time. Simple is good and its about time someone had enough intelligence to actually make a device that works. No one is laughing at the guy who invented those little plastic clips at the end of your shoe laces, But yet we all need them!

    -Go Green and just hit the button

    • If shutting down is too hard John, you could try Hibernating your PC. That's a truly green option.

  • Yes, however in hibernation mode the internet browser polls its network connection every 15 seconds checking for internet connectivity. Multiply this by 75 computer workstations and 2 servers and it adds up. Hibernation mode also does not protect my pc from remote unauthorized access and webcrawlers that by pass my firewall on a daily basis. Still the easiest way is to make it protocol to just hit the internet panic button whenever the workstation is not in use.
    I know it seems simple , but it WORKS !

    • You're talking about Sleep mode.
      Hibernate writes everything in the RAM to disk and powers off the computer. It's off.

    • nice catch

  • Hibernate mode is still a timed delay. The internet panic button gives you the ability to disconnect your connection in miliseconds . Timing is crutial when it comes to downloading and uploading especially with broad band speeds. You definitely need some sort of control mechanism and everything you mentioned so far is either to slow or to difficult to execute in any comparible or effective time. Lets face it the internet cut off switch is just one of those devices that every computer needs and its amazing that it took this long to evolve. Just hit the button and give your self the time to make an educated decision and tackle what ever the internet has to throw your way. Cascading pop-ups , spy ware , viruses , mal-ware , just click on the wrong link and you don't have time to stop the carnage. The internet panic button gives you that control.

  • wow an argument about a totally useless internet panic button this might just make the school paper

    • Yeah but he started it.

  • Nah, nah, na, nah nah….


  • Internet Panic Button aka

  • I might buy one of these. There is a very good purpose for this gadget. Have you ever click reply all and sent an email before remembering to delete sensitive or embarrassing text. I could have used this in several occasions.

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