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Jacquie Lawson Greeting Cards – beautiful, elegant digital greetings


My friend Chris just sent me a Jacquie Lawson Christmas Card, and it’s fab. This English artist has a quaint olde style web site, a 15th century cottage, this kitchen table family business and a beautiful range of over 100 high quality e-cards that are worth the giving and the receiving. Delightful. Check out this Rocking Horse for instance.

 Of course, an e-card service of this kind cannot be operated free of charge and to cover the enormous costs of servers and suchlike. Jacquie’s entire collection of e-cards is available for a modest yearly membership fee. A one-year subscription allows you to send as many greetings as you like. This reflects a deliberate policy of trying to keep prices low in order to allow as many people as possible to enjoy Jacquie’s beautifully prepared online greeting cards.


  • That looks really nice – it’s always staggered me that despite there being so many good designers out there, the provisions of greetings card online has always been dominated by tacky and unimaginative designs. Good to see a change, and one that really takes advantage of the benefits of interactive rather than just a simple animation.

  • Agreed Chris, it’s great to see some non-tacky at large. Happy Holidays! :-)

  • Gilberta, it is absolutely not a scam and I'm not sure your nasty words help at all.

    My wife uses this service all the time, you simply preview the card you want to send first, then add your own text and send. We've been using it since last year with no problems whatsoever.

    • I have been using her cards for over a year and I have never had a problem with sending even when I request later dates to send my cards they are there right on time.

  • I have been using this site for years now. I absolutely love the cards and the people recieving them love them.. Have sent some people to the site to buy..

  • This is a great site. The cards I have sent are received with great remarks. I was unsure of a few things at first, but the help line solved the problems.

  • Is this a scam? I have subscribed, logged in, but cannot find a "send" button.
    You gave an address to write to but it is invalid because it has too many letters.
    If my credit card is used, I will report you to the proper authorities.

  • A fantastic service i have sent cards all over the world with no problems at all i would recomend it to everyone and a few off my friends have also started the service.

  • Cannot remember if i still have an account with you?

    • I have sent your card , and everybody loved them.
      Thank you: Erwin Szakacs

  • I am a paid up customer….why is it so hard for me to get on to send cards?

    • At the beginning of the card selection you can choose preview this card or send this card. If you select preview this card you cannot send it; you must select send this card and then you have your options to put in to who and when to send it. Hope this helps. It is really easy once you send one.

  • I have been a member of Jacquie Lawson for a few years and love your cards; however I cannot access your web site and I want to send Thanksgiving cards—don't know why I'm having this problem—Please help.

  • I'm with the hopeful who can't find the send button. I can't find anything else either to help me get my choice of cards delivered. Believe me, I ove the card so muc that I kept on and on with trying this and that and can't even get a preview on screen.. Please do NOT use my credit card that I sent this morning. Cancel my membershipo . I will apply again if and when I can get somebdy to explain the red tape. This has been an awesome waste of time and I can't afford more of it in trying to get with the .program. Sorry, because I really needed/wanted to send that!.

  • I would like to logon so I may send some Chrstmas cards. My password is redbird. Jeanette Friedrichs

  • This year I've sent one of your interactive cards to all my friends and colleagues and they all loved it. Thank you for beeoing so immaginative.

  • Help? … how can I see again an absolutely superb New Year greeting … the Vienna Phil teddy-bear Orchestra … received from a US friend … it was SO good!

  • I love these cards…but I sure have trouble getting on. Sometimes I've given up though eventually I usually do have success. It's frustrating.

    Having been a music teacher, my all time favorite is the teddy bear playing violin w/ piano!

    Sincerely, Jenifer Whitehill

  • IFyou are a member, then just type in jacquielawson in your serch bar and you should get into the programe, select the card you would like to send, clike on the send card -type in the Name of the person you would like yo send it to.and the email address, type your message, and put in the Date you would it go, and press send, which is in the upper left hand side.

  • having trouble sending card to c redd who is also a member

  • I became a member of Jacquie Lawson this year, and my membership runs out in 2011…
    However, for the past 6 wks or so, I am not able to preview the cards /cards I've choosen to send, they tell me to do all sorts of downloads, and I still cannot seem to get it to work
    Everything went well for the first few months of my membership, has anyone had the same problem, kindly reply what I have to do, or who I can contact to get this solved…..
    I need this to be fixed right away, or else it leaves me no choice but to have this reported to someone that can help me.

  • I just renewed my subscription to Jacquie Lawson, but when I try to log in to send a card my computer rejects it. HELP!!!

  • Cannot access the website to send cards.

  • I have tried twice to download the Advent Calendar- 2 orders for myself and with no success at either
    I ordered 5 Avent Calendars with success but my own does not work Since I tried again
    I have paid a total of $5.00- I am usually extremely happy with the cards and service for several years But I have not been able to reach you!

  • I renewed my subscription on Nov 30 and can't access the cards, not good! I wanted to send a card to a friend this morning for her birthday, too late now and I'm not happy!

    • Just received an email saying how snowed under they are with emails, they will aim to get back to me in a few days! Now I'm really angry.

    • It's unfortunate that you had this problem with re-newing your membership. i'm certain
      that the problems you had can be worked out.I probably would have been slightly up-
      set as well,but i'm sure your friend would love a card today.
      What do you think?

  • December 21 and still no membership!!!!!

  • I'm finding a lot of unhappy messages here. What's happening? I renewed my subscription about 2 weeks ago when I got notice that it had run out. Yesterday I wasn't able to get in to send anything or check if the ones that I sent had been opened. I'm a little miffed and would like some answers.

  • there used to be a telephone number and a live voice to talk to. What's with this ..come on people we're all at your mercy

  • She is still charging my credit card and not responding to any requests to have the service terminated. If you get the service, expect to pay until you terminate your credit card. She is a fraud.

    • Although it is nothing to do with us Billy, let me quote from her help page on the subject and maybe that will clear up why you are still being charged.
      Payment and renewals
      I do not want to renew

      We're very sorry you don't want to renew your membership! Please visit the My Details page to change your Auto-Renew Status.

      If you don't see Auto-Renew Status, then your membership will expire on the date listed on the My Details page.

      So it is clear you have to log on to your account and uncheck the Auto-Renew button to stop your subscription. Hope that helps.

  • I am having the same problem as Billy Back. The Jacquie Lawson site refuses to honor my request to discontinue my membership. The account page is rigged to refuse the requests to stop the auto renew, and emails direct to the only email address accessible from the site are ignored. I have been requesting for the membership to be dropped for two annual billing cycles, without any satisfaction.



  • I renewed my membership in
    February, i have my paid credit card statement, should have waited until May when it was due. I have written you, received instructions on what I should do on computer, nthing works, I was unable to send Mother's Day cards. Please reinstate me, I paid you on Feburary 14, 2011. Help please Marilyn Richlak

  • Hello Jaqui Lawson. We wish to start sending greeting cards to England from Spain via your site. We used to be with your company but due to computer problems we seem to have lost conection with you. Firstly can you confirm whether or not we are still with you
    ( [email protected] ) If all is ok., our new e-mail address is [email protected]. If we no longer are with you we will be re-joining. Thankyou. B Tomlinson.

  • I am member but cannot access cards. Need b-day and retirement cards that will not be sent as I must leave town for a while. Very frustrating. Notified 2 days ago of address change

  • I love these cards.Everyone of the cards are so BEAUTIFULLY created and i'm proud to
    pick anyone of those awesome cards and send them to family and friends.Thank you for
    this awesome selection.

  • I just cannot get into your site,I have been a member for several [email protected].I ask for forgotten password but cannot send it.WHEN DOES MY MEMBERSHIP RUN OUT PLEASE.

  • I have been subscribing to Jacquie Lawson e-greeting cards during the past 2 years. About 6 months ago I could not access my account to send cards. I reported my problem to their website. Someone who disappeared to be not senior management in the business did investigate and reported that someone with a dissimilar name to mine has been using my account. I corresponded with them for a little while and expressed my serious concern but because I was very busy at that time I did not pursue the matter. I am very disappointed that senior management from the business did not take a serious view of this incident. Has anyone else experienced a similar problem? Jacquie Lawson products are awesome but it is a shame that their security system needs some work.

  • I have tried to unsubscribe to the ecards since December and have not been successful. I would like to speak with a live person or get an email address to cancel my subscription

  • "Bubble Bath"

  • Have been trying to unsubscribe from the e cards for several weeks with no success please advise how I cancel my subscription

  • I keerp getting charged for the service but I haven't used it for two years because they say I don't exist. Could you please give a phone number or an e-mail address so that I can resolve this problem? It was under Tavi_N_MeYAHOO.COM nEW ;

    [email protected]

  • Please Help. Thank You

  • how do I find jacquie lawson cards for men with motorcycles and campers?

  • My sister in Cyprus sent me an ecard code no. AYBXT-JZTX-ZRYK and am having difficulty opening it. Could you please help.

    Christine Elliott

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