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Lakeland Egg Boiler – the most ridiculous gadget in the world?


This Lakeland Egg Boiler has got to be the most ridiculous gadget ever. Because let’s face it, if we’re now so incapable that we can’t plonk an egg into a saucepan of water and boil for 3 to 5 minutes, then we might as well call it a day and wait for those aliens to come harvest our marrow right now. And it comes with a water measuring cup’? Unreal. £9.81.

 For anyone who can’t boil an egg, or for those that would prefer not to stand watching over a boiling pan, our dome-shaped boiler will cook up to 7 eggs to soft, medium or hard, so all you have to worry about is cutting some toast into soldiers! * Simple to use, a buzzer lets you know when all the water has evaporated and the eggs are ready. * Top part of the handle lifts the lid, and the bottom part lifts the egg tray and hot eggs out.


  • I'm not going to lie here…I recieved one of these (actually more like an early relative) as a wedding gift 23 years ago. My initial reaction was that this was a piece of …. But 22 years later, when it finally gave up the ghost, my wife & I were sad, because we have used this thing all the time. Truly a convenience in the modern world, but it made hard & softboiled eggs without a fuss or needing to stand over them. Again, not going to save the world or cure cancer, but actually not worthless….

    • Heh, I had a tiny bit of tongue in cheek there, Mike, so understand your view completely. :)

  • It's not at all ridiculous or useless. I have an egg boiler of the same design. Not only does it reliably produce eggs eggsactly as I like them it also uses much less electricity than boiling a pan of water. So not only do I get great boiled eggs with minimum fuss but I get to feel virtuous into the bargain.
    My only concern is my parrot may learn to imitate the eggs done beep. Surprisingly it hasn't happened yet but I await the day with trepidation.

  • These egg boilers are great–they can cook poached or soft-boiled eggs to a perfect consistency every time.

  • They enjoy a great following in Germany too! (No, I don't have one I use a pan)

  • I guess Nigel's eggspectaitons have been yoked.

    lol, j/k. I couldn't help myself.
    I certainly crack myself up!
    Oops, lol, did it again…

  • K., that's eggsactly the kind of humour we don't need around here!

  • if you live somewhere, say a dorm in college, with no stovetop to boil on…great gadget

  • Totally disagree, with this you get perfect soft yokes every time and the whole family can use it including the kids as you don't have to worry about about boiling pans of water . Why comment on the product when you obviously have never tried it . if you had you would know that the water measuring jug is so that you use the correct amount of water required for get the exactly consistancy of the yolks !
    Brilliant product we would be without ours.

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