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Lycos sucks – stay away


So apparently this guy has just been done over by the Lycos Mail service (they deleted all his past emails when he failed to log-in or pay money to upgrade his account)and it’s now all over teh internets. Well I also have had a run in with Lycos Mail in the past, from which I learned one thing – stay well away, well away from the Lycos service. The company truly is awful in terms of customer support. One of the worst. This has been a public service announcement.




    • Good for you. I have been using Lycos since 2006 and I regret even signing up for it. It sucks!!! The email logs in 3/4 of the time. Its slow!!! Plus the email page is horribly designed.

  • Well done you, Kevan. I’m just telling you of my experience.

  • Hey kevan..Emmo here.are u Kevan from Lycos Chat admin in the old days? :)

  • I just went to log on to my lycos account I have had for literally years and they blocked me out and want 19.95 to get back in– I was away from my account for two weeks!! I have a new gmail account but would at least like the opportunity to collect my stuff in lycos and clean out my address book and such. There was no warning, no nothing, just a quick lock down and no work around. So even if I wanted to spend 20 bucks on email (why would I when gmail is free and generous?) but I would never do business with a company that treated its customers this way . What a bummer…

  • i work at lycos though not in the email group. a few days ago we had a bad problem where a large number of customers were told they had to upgrade to get to their mail. this was a mistake… like, something was coded a while back and it was timed and the right people were not informed and the date came and this happened. doh!

    our ceo sent out a personal message apologizing to all affected . we refunded everyone who upgraded and promised them free service going forward. and for those who upgraded and wanted it we offered a full year of service free… which quite a few acted on once they saw the apology and explanation.

    we're not ogres… mistakes happen and our CEO took immediate action to make it better. not sure what else we could have done?

  • this is BS to a T. today my email acct through my domain name reserved with Lycos no longer works or is even in existence. All my contacts, business emails….F'n gone.

    Can't call and talk to anyone, not even a foreign outsourced teledork. Now my day, hell my week for that matter may be shot before Monday at noon.

    Thank you Lycos.

  • Lycos locked me out of my email account for "suspected abuse". Abuse? I gather they claim I might be a potential victime of phishing. So…they simply shut down my account and will not respond to me.

    My Address Book, my saved drafts, my sent emails, records of personal and other conversations for many years … all gone.

    Lycos will not reply to me.

    They are the worst ever. I intend to sue them for recovery of my information.

    I still don't understand why they locked me out suddenly. They gave no explanation, no offer to return my information, nothing. Not even a reply to persisted and repeated requests.

    Stay away from Lycos. They are thieves, thorougly dishonest. They have made an enemy.

    • Hey, I agreed with you completely. They locked my account this morning. So, I lost everything without a notice or warning. I think that's a cheap shot. I guess they must be really desperate. Goodbye Lycos, you're really sucks!

    • This happened yo me in the last three weeks. They asked me for months to change by pass word and now I can't get into it. I get sent to a place asking mje if my nheed to get to my account is high-med-low. Each catogory is a differetn amount to have it fixed. I m on ssd and cannot affored this. Where do I go. What company helps with e-mail company screws up.


  • I had the same thing happen last week. I have been trying to find a way to get info from them on why. And all I get is autmated response. I have ben with them since 2005 and now they locked me out and have all my mail and info and contacts. I agree Lycos sucks and idd me wrong.
    I sure hope to get my mail someday but I am dumping them.

  • Feb 2010. Now lycos is "upgrading" during business hours, not on a weekend, not on a sunday, but during the regular business week and mid-day and the service is DOWN again. This company does not understand that you don't make money anymore by "charging" for email – you make it some other way. Lycos does *NOT* understand the smallest fact about customer "service". An arrogant "software" (bugware) company that has a bad track record of being extremely rude to long-time customers. Their "new" email interface is a mess and annoying. Looks like it was never reviewed for quality or tested, yet their "upgrade notice" claims "it's the best – people like it" etc., idiots.

  • Its the end of Aug 2010 and lycos sucks more now than it ever has. Ever since zimbra took over it's so slow, if it even comes up, that it's almost worthless. Actually it IS worthless. If I can ever login again I'm going to find a way to send all my emails to a real email provider.

  • I have been locked out of my lycos account for 3 or 4 days now, although I managed to access my ( now completely empty) account through IE. The interface changed completely to zimbra, a few minutes later I was locked out of my account again. I am waiting to see when customer service replies.
    I hope to god they can resolve this problem.

  • Since the changeover to Zimbra Lycos has lost all of my contacts and old emails going back years.

    They say to "contact Customer Support"

    They should HAVE Customer Suppprt but they don't

  • lycos sucks.. my acc has been locked

  • Truly a horrible, horrible email provider. A few months back it deleted every saved email I had. At the time I had several contracts on my email that needed to be printed and it cost me money for their terrible service. More recently they have arbitrarily blocked emails from some senders but allow spam thru all day every day. I wish al queda would fly a plane thru their offices. F you lycos, I hate you.

  • Jan 2011, now they are changing the user "interface" again for the 4th time in just 10 years for no reason, and it's WORSE and SLOWER. I guess the lycos jerks have nothing better to do than annoy the 5500 or so users that are left. Their "new" "interface" is buggy, annoying, doesn't adhere to long-time practically-standard practices, etc. What a bunch of software jerks. Worse than microsoft. There needs to be a usatoday, msnbc, etc. type major bad-publicity article on lycos to warn people.

  • GRRRRrr

    SOOOO MANNNY ADDDSSS. The mail wont even load because there are too many adds. When it does load, some of the adds crash the browser and you lose your work..

  • September, 2012
    Lycos has gotten much worse then ever before. I absolutely despise the box they make us work out of, it's weird. They deleted all of my mail saying I hadn't logged on for some time, which is somewhat true, I don't log in very often. But I do receive mail on a daily basis so, unless they are actually going into my account, how do they know what's what? And I do log in every couple of months. Well, I wrote to them and they were able to restore almost all of my emails, strange that they kept them all. And then they locked me out after reinstating me, so I had to request a password reset and they emailed my actual password as opposed to a reset. Seriously, an account isn't secure if they know your password! Scary! So then I create a new account and log out, attempt to log back in and get the error that my password is wrong. I do a reset and it says it sent the rest to that email address, which I hadn't yet set up another contact email for, so how is emailing a reset to the email you cannot log into going to work if you're unable to log into that email? Lycos has lost their thinking caps!! I had enough info that they could and should have asked me for that info to reset. password, they used to do that. Now I'm hoping and waiting for them to respond to my email that I wrote to them about the newly lost Lycos account. They are not user friendly at all.

  • November, 2012. Lycos is changing the email (not "mail") interface again for NO REASON. Leave the UI alone you freaking idiots. They obviously have people sitting around with nothing to do but change the UI around for no reason and implement hard-coded colors and highlighted regions that can't be changed or customized. What year is this 2012 or 1985. Where the @#$% are the OPTIONS to control the user interface and make it as plain and non-space-wasting as you want it. What is with this trend to (1) change a UI for no reason and (2) hard-code everything with scarce options.

  • I bought a domain from lycos this morning. Bought the site privacy & SO CALLED security. I made a simple little site and put it up I was pleased. Went back an hour later and someone had hijacked my domain. I telephoned the guy from the security lock that was SUPPOSED to protect me & ask how am I to get that jerk off my domain url. He basically says it's my fault for not knowing how to code my page to keep people out & said he could only get rid of the suckers for 200 bucks. That's right an additional two hundred dollars to get them to kick the jerk off my domain. I mean WTF. What a racket. Sell a domain & hijack it & then make the owner pay 200 bucks to get it back.

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