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Massive Yahoo! domain name price rise – is it to pay for the lawyers?


Wow, a friend just received a notification from Yahoo!. They’re raising the annual price of their domain name registration from $9.95 to $34.95 a year from next month? Really? Wow, they must be in more trouble than I thought. What a clever move. Not.

And so elegantly delivered too, via a last minute single sentence in a renewal email. The way they’ve taken the care to inform their customers, explain to them why the price rise, reiterate the value for money, offer something for their client’s loyalty… Yeah right! To just send a one line note like this is crass, ignorant and really proves just how dumb their management is when it comes to dealing with paying customers. And to think I was beginning to feel sorry for them! *Important note: *beginning now people are going to start thinking you guys are a bunch of out of touch shmucks!*

 If your billing information is up-to-date, there’s no need to do a thing (except keep enjoying your service). *Important note:* Beginning on July 1, 2008, Yahoo!’s annual domain renewal price increases to $34.95 per year.


  • Look here:

  • Xeelee

    The point is not the price — which is high but not unreasonably so — but the deceptive means by which they announced it. The verbage is intended to suggest the reader stop reading before the mention of the rate-hike.

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  • I registered my first domain name with Yahoo! back in 2002, they are still a domain reseller for Melbourne IT I see. Melbourne IT is one of the worst domain registrars I have ever dealt with. Not only do they have no US customer service, all they provide is INTERNATIONAL customer service, meaning you have to call Australia to get support. They suck in a number of other ways too:

    Limited features
    $25.00 charge to change name of registrant WTH is that?

    This is why I moved my first domain from Yahoo! to GoDaddy, and the rest of my 99 domains have been registered through GoDaddy.

    Yahoo! is basically deciding to make almost pure profit off of their domain business. Which would be a good idea, except now they can’t compete, the only reason now you would registar a domain with Yahoo! is because you know the name and since Yahoo! isn’t a ICANN accredited registrar simply put they are a reseller of Melbourne IT, unlike Google, which is ICANN accredited.

  • Spread the word via IM, Twitter, whatever you use – don’t let them catch more people unaware. Suck those servers dry.,

  • Unbelievable that they would do this – especially a $350% increase. I’ve been with for years. Hmmm…. which is better? One domain at $7 per year, or one domain at $35 per year?

  • Unbelievable that they would hose all their customers to the tune of a 350% price hike. Who do they think they are? The oil companies? (shhh… don’t give the oil companies any ideas!

    I’ve been using for years. Which is better? Under $7 per year, or $35 per year? Hmmm……

  • It is realy not acceptable pricing. I am have just moved all my domain to their domain transfer prices are $6.95, no quantity limited.

  • So what’s a good alternative to yahoo for domain registration/renewal? I’m not a domainer and I don’t plan to be one. I just need to be able to control 5 domains reliably and cheaply.

  • it is fine for me now. The first time they increased price, I already move a half of my domains (about 150 domains) to
    I will do the others today!!!! It is crazy to pay for the gap of about 6k per year.

  • I had one domain name registered with Yahoo! and I was just lucky enough that I happened to log in and check my Yahoo! email to receive that wonderful message about the rate increase. By the time I checked it, there was only like 3 weeks before it was gonna auto renew, so I had to do some research quick. I called a couple companies, one of which was godaddy. They had great customer service, seemed to know what they were doing, and they said that they've been transferring a lot Yahoo! customers over, so I was sure that they were gonna know how to do it. Prices were very reasonable too!

    The Transfer takes like 5 days though, so don't wait to long!

  • Recommend everyone complain IMMEDIATELY to the fcc if you have experienced this outrage. Tricks and Traps worthy of Banksters of America. Send an email complaint to [email protected] .

    • Mike, complaining is good, but I thought I'd complain even more effectively by simply moving all my domains away as fast as I could type 'goodbye'. :)

  • I got my notice of the rate increase/renewal on June 3/09 for a bill that's due on June 6/09. I think they wait til the last minute so you have no time to take actions. When I tried to cancel repeatedly on June 5/09, Yahoo kept responding with a system error. Tried calling in the evning of June 5/09 and as usual, long queue at Customer Service. Waiting nearly 40 minutes, then I gave up. I called Yahoo again on June 6/09 morning, they said they already billed my credit card. I asked for a refund because of cancellation…..they said no can do. Tough luck. I'm transferring all my Domains to Godaddy.

  • I note that a few bloggers have commented on how expensive or deceptive the Yahoo! domain name registration price is. I can remember the olden days (to quote my Grandpa) when registering a domain name with Yahoo! was like $25.00. I thought that was expensive. Now, I believe the price is approximately $9.95 if I am not mistaken. Alot better and more competitive than say with

    Just my thoughts.


    Daniel Tetreault.

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