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Microbot Push – the Koreans are about to launch micro robot button pushers. And so it goes…not with a bang, but with a whimper.


If, at any time in your fully engaged day, you have stopped to ask yourself exactly how far this ‘technology revolution’ will go, we suspect you’ll come to some conclusion based around a world populated with indolent humans being served by hordes of servile robots, catering to every whim. Until recently we may have scoffed at this idea, but it’s now looking more and more likely as time passes. Take for instance, this new Microbot Push product we’ve just encountered.


Brainchild of South Korean entrepreneur Taehyun Park, this little connected mechanism is designed to do one thing only. Push a button. Any button. Anywhere. Any time. Remotely and via coded scripts or your smartphone control. That’s it. The idea is you stick (literally, with stick pads) these puppies anywhere you need a button pushed, and then you have full Bluetooth remote control over them.


The demo photos show things like control of coffee machines (program the sucker to switch on the coffee machine when your phone alarm goes off, geddit?) and light switches, but of course the developers are hoping that this will be the start of an important cog in the Internet of Things chain some day. If every button can be pushed remotely, what wonders can be unleashed on the world?


Could a robot be instructed to push a button to summon a pizza while you’re in the bath? And open the door to your dog while you’re on vacation at the beach (having left a suitably responsible dog walking robot in charge of course). Think of all the buttons we push every day, all over the place, and then spend 10 seconds considering how much more convenient it would be to have them pushed by a machine and not your finger. The mind boggles does it not? Hmm… or maybe not.


So here we are at the dawn of a brave new age. One where button pusher is no longer a term of derision, but a salute to the wonders of modern technologist genius. The mundane made extraordinary. Our lives turned into a Wall-e style playtime beyond our wildest imaginings. No longer constrained by the pathetic mantra – I Push, Therefore I Am. What joy!


We learn from the developers that the new – soon to be crowdfunded – button pusher is just the start of a whole slew of micro-robots, which will include Microbot Twist (for twisting knobs) Microsoft Sense (a sensor robot) and Microbot Scan (a wireless fingerprint reader). Personally we await Microbot Sniff which will save us from malodorous visitors by refusing entry to anyone not smelling of lavender and lilac scent. We have no idea of the price of these devices, but we are told they should last for around 6 months of button pressing per charge of the battery.

It’s not really funny any more is it?


  • Not as daft as it sounds at firSt. ..
    I’m thinking king about the disabled population and flat entry systems or even wheelchair car lift systems…
    The list of applications is almost endless.

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