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microSD Card Drive Creator – convert all your old microSD cards into a 640 GB SSD drive in seconds


If you’re anything like us, you’ll have a bunch of old microSD cards lying around in drawers at home and in the office. Actually you’ll also be missing a number of them which have gone walkabout, but that’s another story entirely. For anyone wondering what to do with their old cards, we have a product you may like.

This microSD Card Drive Creator lets you gather up all your old microSD memory cards and add them to a single unit which you can then plug into your computer to give you SSD type storage at a stroke. You’ll need a fair few cards to make it worthwhile, since the unit accepts up to 10 cards, and you’ll have to use Class 10 cards to make it worthwhile, but it’s still a bit of a gas.


The device is compatible with any Serial ATA interface, which means most desktop computers etc, and if you really want to splash the boat out, you can get hold of a SATA to USB adapter and you’ll be able to plug the cards into any laptop or tablet computer as an external drive on a whim. And since the product can hold up to 10 x 64GB cards, that’s 640 GB of storage right there. Neat.


It’s compatible (and bootable) with Windows and Mac, and weighs 25g. The whole thing is priced at $87.22 (excluding cards of course). Oh and it’s recommended that you use cards from the same manufacturer, good luck with that!



  • “and testing revealed this beast can up your Windows Experience Index Score to 5.9”

    Uhh… I get that with a 7200rpm HDD. A decent SSD should push it up to 7+ (7.9 with a Samsung 840 EVO on SATA III).

    • Hmm..I’m thinking it’s not intended to compete with dedicated SSD type stats though?

    • Possibly, but I don’t see the point of making a statement about getting the WEI up to 5.9 when every HDD out there gives you a 5.9 already.

  • Or won’t speed up your computer I guess

    • No, probably not. Think of it more like extra storage I guess.

  • You should really add in the article that there are a grand total of 0 adapters on the market that can convert USB to SATA power. So you can get a SATA data cable converted to USB, which is nearly pointless as most laptops and desktops have an eSATA port hanging around these days, but that to power the damn thing, you still have to connect something to the SATA power connector, which is probably a wall wart or a power brick, and kinda completely removes the convenience of adapting this to USB instead of just buying a normal powered SATA enclosure.

    • Thanks for the heads up, interesting…

    • Look harder, there are plenty of USB->SATA adaptors that will provide power to a 2.5″ drive, (obviously they won’t power a 3.5″, USB simply doesn’t have that much current available).

  • its only $87?… and i get 640gig… that sounds like a lot better of a deal then the 1tera drives that are for sell for $70ish…. thanks!

    • Er..the $87 excludes the actual microSD cards, which will cost extra.

    • Oh sweet, even better!

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