1 Million Free And Legal Music Tracks

Free Solo Guitar
New, but excellent resource for multiple fingerstyle guitar artists who present full-length songs for free download.
Free Music Group
Quick reference page to several free, legal sites. Featured are the solo piano, solo guitar, Christmas, children's and Christian music below.
Guitars 101
Eclectic guitar focussed site with variable selection of streaming and downloadable mp3 tracks featuring...er...guitars. The axeman cometh!
Independent artist collective, many genres. Downloads available at most of the artist sites. The Radio Room highlights unusual stations and sound collections.
A music portal dedicated to contemporary classical and avant garde music; linking sites with freely available mp3's by several hundred selected contemporary composers.
Small, but tastefully targeted (OK it's bright, alright?) children's mp3 music download and streaming service. Not many tracks, but links back to artist's sites offers more. Includes charts.
Christian mp3 downloads (from here, not from up there silly!) Watch out also for the Catholic Jukebox and the reviews.
Computer games are fun. So too apparently is the background music when it's remixed and offered as mp3 downloads. Lots of downloads!
Heavy metal fans only. This is your stop. Downloads of all sorts of stuff. Heavy!
Hip Hop. Vinyl singles for sale, free radio streaming, Top 40 and new releases. Couldn't find any free downloads though.
Classic Cat
Free classical music is difficult to find among the many hosting sites. Classic Cat provides a neat overview - sorted by composer and work.
Small and select collection of Asian classical music tracks taken from cassette tape recordings. Worth a visit if you're an enthusiast.
Like the Blues and 'olde tyme' stuff? Then you'll like the Public Domain mp3's coming out of this small site. Needs much more to make it really sing and dance, but still a nice alternative to all the indie stuff out there.
Beats, breaks, mixes, shit...
Kahvi Collective
mission: to gather and provide free electronic grooves. area of operation: internet
Loads and loads of hardcore, post-hardcore, and metal songs for download. Most of these tracks are DIY or pre-production recordings, but there is an equal number of gems for the angst-ridden 16-year-old scenester in you.
Huge electronic music Net label based in Manchester UK - some amazing free mp3 releases including BSR, DNCN, Maroufleur, Batfinks and Domestication Of The Dog.
Superb Creative Commons site for community musicians to upload and distribute completely licensed music for free use on projects and other areas. Features downloads for playlists, videos and a host of other uses.
Very much an arthouse indie blog, this funky looking site offers a weekly updated selection of up and coming indie artist tracks for preview and download. Beautifully curated videos, pics and MP3s make this a great way to find new music.
Gorgeous looking Indie artist portal featuring thousands of tracks and albums for free download in exchange for your email address. Free, legal and you can leave a tip for the artist as well. Awesome!
Free Music Archive
Features a great selection of *HAND PICKED* MP3 tracks from independent artists across a range of genres. The blog format and RSS subscription means you can easily keep up to date with new tracks as they come online, which is excellent.


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