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ONDA V701 Dual Core 7 Inch Tablet PC for $87.99 should seriously worry Apple


Wow, the tablet market is moving like a rocket, both in terms of price and specifications. Think back a mere 12 months ago and the only low cost tablets you could get were nasty tacky models with unresponsive resistive touchscreens, anemic processors which could barely cope with web browsing and all the style of a plastic brick (no offence Mr Leg0). But not any more.

The deal has changed, big time. Take this ONDA V701 Dual Core 7 Inch Tablet PC. It comes with an ARM dual core 1.5 GHz processor, Android 4.0.3, 1GB of RAM (an important improvement!) and 8GB of storage on board. It accepts microSD up to 32GB for additional storage, has a 5 point capacitive touchscreen, a front camera and microphone for video calls, and supports 3G cellular dongles for wireless roaming. Oh and did we mention high speed WiFi b/g/n and a run time of up to 7 hours?

A quick look at the video shows it to be very responsive indeed (look at how fast the photos scroll through on the gallery) and although the form factor is not as sleek as the top brands, it’s got a lovely clear touchscreen. But by far the most impressive thing about this device is the fact that they’re selling it for $87.99 (54.06) or two for $85.00 (with $12.50 shipping).

If you’re in the market for a tablet computer to use for general use, and you’re not a fashion junky, why pay upwards of $400 for a tablet with the same spec? Quality control? Really? Are the branded products four times better quality? Answers on a generic motherboard please…


  • People do not buy a tablet because if hardware specs. They buy an ecosystem. That is why this tablet won't hurt Apple very much.

    • Yes Johan, I agree up to a point. But at some point people do/will start asking if the value they receive from the ecosystem is enough to justify the massive differential in price.

      Maybe not with this tablet, but once we see nicely designed Android tablets arrive with superior specifications and a comparable alternative ecosystem for a fraction of the price of an Apple product, then maybe things might start to change.

      It's just a theory of course. :)

  • Why should Apple be worry? How about Samsung with their hundreds tablets, amazon and google, every android manufacturer? But Apple, I don't think so.
    I understand your tittle is only for getting hits, but just in case you are crazily serious.

  • It was partly tongue in cheek Eduardo, but I chose Apple because it currently dominates the tablet sector. But for how long…? :)

  • This has me very interested… the video is very impressive in it's fluidity. But, 800×480 for a 7" tablet is a killer. I couldn't go less than 1024x?… let us know when these cheap tablets reach that or 720p!

  • Does is support the full Google Play/store? Or just a limited selection?

  • Not sure, but I'd suspect the full store.

  • There is also an Onda V702 dual core model, which has a much more reasonably sized 1024 x 600 screen. I just ordered one for about $105. It'll be interesting to see how it functions in the real world.

    Good reviews of these low-end Chinese tablets are almost impossible to find on the web (most are just YouTube videos of a guy swiping and playing a handful of games). Other tablets have had problems with weak wifi, substandard batteries and dodgy Google Play market support (incompatibility with many apps).

    I should have mine in a couple of weeks. Hopefully I didn't waste $100. :)

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