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Portable Dry Ice Maker – minus 109 degrees F with no slush or mush


Portable Dry Ice Maker. Perfect for those times when ice won’t cut the mustard [eh? – Ed], this machine promises to deliver more coolness per square inch than a 50 foot iceberg in your back garden. Hook up a liquid CO2 cylinder, pump the gas and a minute later extract your 7 inch cube of dry ice. One small tip – wear gloves, OK? $499.95.

 This is the portable device that is capable of producing a 1 lb. block of dry ice in as little as 60 seconds for keeping foods and beverages cold at picnics and parties. At -109.3 F, dry ice is a more effective coolant than regular ice, and it wont melt, but instead sublimates to odorless CO2 gas. The device requires connection to a cylinder of compressed liquid CO2 with a dip tube or siphon (not included, cylinder with dip tube/siphon must be purchased from local gas dealers or welding supply shops).


  • Oh wow, that’s pretty cool! I saw them use dry ice on a cooking show once to make fizzy icecream!!

  • Hook up your liquid CO2 container huh..wonder why they call it ‘dry’ ice then?

  • Or you can just discharge a CO2 fire extinguisher into a pillowcase.

  • Kaden? No way? Awesome. :-)

  • Yeah, thats just great for the Environment too ehh?!


    You get cold food, and a planet that cooks people.

    *rolls eyes

  • @bad enviro

    Yeah, and the carbon footprint of your internet activities just snuffed 3 baby penguins.

    Baby penguins

    Is your mother proud of you?

  • Cool, the world need more CO2, any product we can create which gets more of it into the sky the better…

  • What a bunch of Green Losers…Don't you know it's our destiny to destroy ourselves…Jeeez.

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