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Reborn Babies – eerily realistic baby dolls threaten to take over the world, or at least eBay


Reborn Babies are distinctly…ah…surreal. Take one normal kind of baby doll and spend literally days painting the thing carefully to match the skin tones of a real baby, use specially weighted fillings to make it feel real, and then stitch in realistic hair. To top it off, find some cutesy little outfits which are suitably awwww….and bingo. They’re selling on eBay for anything up to £300/$600 and beyond, with or without a fake heartbeat. Wow! So how real are they? Er…very.

 The process of reborning a doll is being able to create as realistic baby as possible. This is achieved by firstly buying or creating a doll mould to start the reborning process. It is then neccessary to begin colouring the dolls head, body and limbs through a variety of different techniques to give a very realistic human skin effect. This takes multiple layers of different paints to create mottled effects such as that of a newborn baby.

We also add veins and other methods to add that real lifelike quality effect. Our babies arrive to customers weighted and stuffed to feel very cuddly and similar to that of a baby. The arms, legs and head are also weighted to give each doll a comparable baby weight. For the doll to have realistic hair our prefered option is to root the head and eyelashes with high quality coloured mohair.


  • Very scarey I saw one and you could reeally think it was real, ok if its a bit of fun but the owners seem to think of them as real children. Well I supose it is what ever makes you happy!

  • I have managed to buy several of these babies and thoroughly enjoy them just like any doll collector would. I do not live in another world and pretend they are real or feel that they have replaced my grown-up children, but the skill of these artists is something to be respected and if they make people happy so what? There are those who take to drink or drugs which are far more harmful than having a few beautiful dolls.

  • eu queria saber se da para fazer de 300 reais pq eu no tenho todo esse dinheiro e ate agora so tenho 300 reais pode ser? bjos jhennifeer

  • i think you need to remember the level of skill the artists are to make these beautiful dolls. it also takes a lot of time and attention to details to be able to pull if off correctly. While some may find them scarey, others can appreciate this.

    reborn dolls

  • Not everyone can have, does have, has a partner, or can afford to adopt children. I suspect that those thinking that this is scary are those who have already had the privilege of having their own baby. As soon as we can sit up, someone puts a doll in our hand. They are given to us to comfort us and to reward us and as gifts. It is no wonder that we equate them with good feelings. Don't see it as a threat to human existence. Just compliment the artistry and be happy that these makers bring some joy to those longing for a baby. Have a little compassion and don't be so quick to judge. It is pretty harsh to condemn someone for wanting things out of life that many people already have and take for granted, but others will never hold.

  • They might seem a little strange at first but only because they look so much like the "real thing". To me, reborn babies are just a hobby like anything else. Some people collect coins or postcards… Me, I build a nursery of those baby dolls.
    Why? Because I enjoy it. Do I need another reason? :)

  • I've seen a few different television shows covering reborn dolls. The Dr. Phil show is one one that comes to mind (you can see the clip on YouTube). However, in practically every show I've seen, there's always some criticism over whether or not the hobby is "normal." Personally, I don't see anything wrong if someone wants to collect or make a realistic doll. With so many horrible things happening in the news, this is one hobby that doesn't hurt anyone!

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