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Run Your Car on Water – save $$$’s


Run Your Car on Water. $97.00 buys you two books choc full of amazing, valuable, incredible, exciting, revolutionary, unbelievable, fantastic, astounding, incredible (did we say incredible already?) information on how to build your own kit. “Wow, offers don’t come any better than this, really they don’t.” Signed Mrs Brooklyn Bridge, NY, Please dear reader, make special note of the Dual-Edge Map Sensor Enhancer, because we believe it to be at the heart of this incredible…[Enough…Ed]

 Did you know that you can convert your car in minutes to a water-running car? Water is supplemental to gasoline – boosting fuel economy up to 207% above EPA rating (not a typo) SIMPLE to install/remove: the solution you’ve been looking for! Boost performance while preventing smog. We even have for you a dozen blueprints for 100% water cars. You’ll discover how to generate free energy in your car…In these books you will discover step-by-step instructions to EASILY and AFFORDABLY assemble the powerful water-fuel system shown below for under $50, using simple tools at home, and how to save yourself a lot of money every time you drive.


  • Wow this must work as all the major car manufacture supply it with their cars…….. not

  • well, I don’t know anything about this particular outfit (their website really looks like a vintage 1996 pyramid scheme, doesn’t it), but I know the technology works. I’ve helped install a similar system. You can’t run a car with 100% water yet (well maybe you could, but not very far), but you’re basically using the car’s 12 volt current to convert water in to H and O and then substituting that for atmosheric air in the combustion process (or supplementing, depending on efficiency).

    The hydrogen adds energy to the reaction and your engine runs cooler.

    The basic technology behind the car is 130 years old. In that time we went from balloon technology to planes to jets to rockets and then the moon. In less than 70 years.

    This technology SHOULD be available on all cars. Just because it isn’t doesn’t mean its a hoax. The auto industry is not only in the business of selling cars, but also infrastructure. Selling service, fuel, and of course a new car every few years or so. They’re completely resistant to innovation unless they have absolutely no choice.

  • Red have you been reading your spam again?
    You know it’s not good for you!!

  • My flux capacitor was cheaper

  • Shenannigans!

    “Mythbusters” already debunked the “hydrogen-making assist” garbage on their show…. (and nearly caught the car on fire when the unit backfired!!!)

  • Kind of funny how this keeps coming back. This is a higher tech version, but that’s about it. That catalyst had better be pretty amazing as it takes quite a bit of energy to split water, and you are burning gasoline in order to do it. Played around with it myself as the water vapor injection is supposed to add to cooling, but it really wasn’t that amazing. Most of the time, the fuel mileage increase is due to the tuneup that is applied when the fancy gadgets are stuck on.

  • It is impossible to gain energy this way, and the proof is in the basic laws of physics.

    You put energy into the system to break the molecular bonds between Hydrogen and Oxygen in the water. When you burn the Hydrogen, you are getting energy by reforming those same bonds. In other words, AT MOST, you can get the same amount of energy back that you put in. But because no system is perfectly efficient (there is always some friction, heating or cooling, imperfect combustion, etc.) that means you are GUARANTEED TO LOSE ENERGY from your system with this method.

    It’s a total scam and I’m disappointed that more people don’t realize why it can’t possibly work.

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