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Snap-On Smile – perfect teeth instantly, higher self esteem comes extra


These Snap-On Smile clip on teeth have been around for a few years, but we only just cottoned on. Instead of expensive dentistry, you simply buy yourself a set of fake resin teeth caps ready to pop into your mouth. When you’re done smiling for the camera you can take them out, just like contact lenses or dentures. Priced at around $1000 and up.


We’re not saying this teeth obsession is bad, but it’s a little weird when it focuses on trying to remove all the natural little quirks, in a quest for the ‘perfect’ smile. Yeuch! Why are so many people trying to look like a Barbie or Ken doll? Answers on a Photoshopped napkin please to…


 Snap-On Smile is a patented, revolutionary dental appliance that requires no prepping, no injections, and no adhesives. Its exclusive design is flexible, incredibly strong, and snaps right over a patient’s natural teeth. Its retention is completely tooth-borne, so the appliance does not impinge on the gum tissue nor cover the palate, making it look and feel very natural.



  • I prefer these ones –

  • Dr. Bukk makes great prosthetic ugly teeth, but his other site actually offers a much cheaper (50 Bukks) and probably more comfortable alternative to the Snap-On smile. Here's his other site:

    Can't chew with them, but they can be worn for extended periods and the before/after pics are fascinating. They require no adhesive – the user softens the thermoplastic and molds them to the teeth – they stay on mechanically. This might be a decent cosmetic alternative in poor areas, 3rd world etc. Not a denture substitute – a fact repeated many times on the site – but having socially acceptable teeth is something one doesn't think about unless one has the type of teeth on Dr. Bukk's…gag site.

  • Looking good is difficult. Some people will go all out to reach their goals. Nobody should judge other peoples decisions.

  • I bought Dr Bukks teeth and they were truly hideous. Went straight in the bin. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THEM!!!!

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