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Stop Phubbing – become a nicer person, put down your phone for a minute…


There’s a movement happening people, a protest against the erosion of human values and decency. It’s not about crime, politics or even gender, it’s about connecting or the lack thereof. We’re absolutely in agreement with the sentiment and we promote the policy here to try and encourage everyone to join in. After all, it’s only polite.

The Stop Phubbing campaign aims to stamp out the practice of people looking at their phone instead of paying attention to the person or people they are with (phone+snubbing, geddit?). We’ve all been there. You’re with your significant other or your best friends at a meal, and suddenly you notice that everyone is checking their phones rather than engaging with the moment.


It sucks. The Stop Phubbing campaign originally started life as an advertising gimmick from an Australian agency, but the word and the movement has now taken on a life of its own, as people across the world start to realize that real life may actually be passing us by while we’re watching a tiny screen full of pretty kittens. It’s rather sad.


The point is, it’s rude and it’s ridiculous and while it may sound like something the ‘older’ generation (or Daily Mail readers) may be getting angry over, in actual fact it could be creating a generation of chronically alienated people. Which is clearly not a good direction for society as a whole to be heading towards.


We’re not going to keep on banging on about it – mainly because we’ve got to get back to checking our Twitter status – but apparently the biggest culprits of phubbing happen in the major cities (New York, LA, London and Paris being top of the league tables) which probably says more about the nature of urban life than the issue itself.

Anyway do yourself a favor. Give it a rest. Eh?


  • Society has always forced interesting people to be trapped in awkward proximity to boring ones. Only recently has man’s technological brilliance given us a way to escape the painful boringness if only for a moment.
    If you feel like complaining about people being on their phones, maybe you should spend your time becoming interesting instead.

    • Hmm…I suggest you try that one on your wife at the dinner table one night. Good luck! :)

  • Attractive females do this constantly in public to create approach anxiety in men and raise their value.

    • Haha, never thought of that.

  • Thanks for this, I’m writing a blog on how to be a nicer person. While searching for relevant pictures I came across this article, which hit my main point. I hope you don’t mind me leaving a link to this article in my post!

    • Please feel free. :)

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