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Free Software April 3, 2018 posted by – faster internet through DNS

Slow internet is the worst internet. We don’t have time to wait for things to load, we need answers to meaningless questions now! I’m being facetious, there are a ton of reasons we access the internet and we like it to be fast so we can move on. will help browse faster than ever before.

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Awesome July 11, 2012 posted by

Unotelly is the global entertainment system we’d all enjoy if it wasn’t for the lawyers

The world is full of great entertainment, music, television, movies, games. You name it and someone somewhere has put it together for our enjoyment. The one massive obstacle to our participation in this fun fest is the army of lawyers and accountants currently blocking all attempts to allow unfettered access to the content, in order to protect their fading business models. And this is not about piracy, it doesn’t even matter if you’re happy to pay, they still won’t let you.

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Bookmark This! June 26, 2012 posted by lets you stream and watch US and UK shows from anywhere in the world

There’s been a fair amount of technology thrown at the problem of how to watch content on sites like from outside the US over the years (and vice versa re UK shows from the US). So far the solutions have tended to be VPN style, where you install some software, fire it up and then ‘tunnel’ your way into the North American continent like some digital mole. The advantage of these fixes are they’re quick and easy, the disadvantage is you’re going…

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Bookmark This! May 28, 2012 posted by

BlockAid DNS Setter destroys government attempts to block websites [Freeware]

Everyone wants to control the Internet, from tinpot dictators to the entertainment industry, uneducated legislators and the rest. The latest tactic is to force Internet service providers to block off access to websites that are considered ‘infringing’ in some way or another. Despite the technology people telling them this is futile, they’re still intent on pushing misguided legislation, which is where a new freeware tool steps in and makes a mockery of the whole exercise.

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