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Bookmark This! June 21, 2012 posted by is a brilliant example of how future movie consumption should be tailored

Every now and then there’ll be a report in the press about yet another RIAA/MPAA initiative to crack down on piracy, and the PRs will trot out the same old tired stats and make the same old weary comments about how their industry is being ruined by piracy. But the fact is most people don’t pirate and have no wish to, all they want is their digital entertainment delivered in the fastest most efficient way. And they’ll pay for it too. But…

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Dropcanvas is a stunningly easy way to share files

A wise old man once told me that there were only three things worth having in life. First, a good raincoat. Second, the phone number of a nearby greengrocer and finally a solid, easy to use file sharing service. Well I’m set for the first two, and now it looks as though we may be good for the last.

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Library Mixer is an extremely cool open source platform for sharing and lending files privately with friends

Recent history is awash with file sharing applications and services across the world, ranging from the massively successful BitTorrent to smaller yet still impressive services such as Tribler. However most of them either fall short in features such as privacy, or they are aimed purely at those who just want to share files with no consideration for copyright or other legal issues.

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