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CCfinder is a great way to find free Creative Commons images [Daily Freeware]

 The explosion in digital photography has created a massive storehouse of online images, both commercial and royalty free. But above all it has given rise to totally free photo archives, where you can download as many images as you need for your project completely free of charge. The secret lies in the use of a Creative Commons license, which is commonly used on photo services like Flickr.

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Social Photos lets you migrate photos or albums between Facebook, Flickr and Google+ instantly

Aargh photos, they’re everywhere. Who would have thought at the dawn of the digital camera era that we’d be swamped by a literal deluge of images sitting on hard drives across the globe. I’ve got 16,000 photos which have accumulated over the years and my collection is probably minute compared to some of yours. Where did they all come from? Anyway, the number may be daunting but organising them is an absolute nightmare, especially if like me you’ve got some…

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