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BlockAid DNS Setter destroys government attempts to block websites [Freeware]

Everyone wants to control the Internet, from tinpot dictators to the entertainment industry, uneducated legislators and the rest. The latest tactic is to force Internet service providers to block off access to websites that are considered ‘infringing’ in some way or another. Despite the technology people telling them this is futile, they’re still intent on pushing misguided legislation, which is where a new freeware tool steps in and makes a mockery of the whole exercise.

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0 A.D. is an absolutely gorgeous open source civilisation game [Freeware]

There’s something about civilisation games, where you pit your wits against the computer and see who can create the mightiest empire, that strikes a chord with us. Up till now though, the two main choices for this type of game has been either the excellent Civilisation, which has great gameplay but not much in the way of immersive real time graphics, or Microsoft’s Age of Empires, both of which are commercial products which cost money. Not any more.

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Awesome May 15, 2012 posted by

Use MakeMKV to transfer your old DVDs to your phone or portable player [Freeware]

If you’re like me, you’ve probably got an ageing collection of old DVD movies that are sitting on a shelf somewhere, waiting to be thrown out or ‘archived’ to the attic one day during a cleanup. In amongst them are some really cool movies though eh, wouldn’t it be great to be able to digitize them to your phone, computer or other player so you can watch them again when the mood suits? Well now you can!

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Awesome May 14, 2012 posted by

JetClean is the best Windows power utility we’ve ever seen [Freeware]

Over the years we’ve reported on a bunch of free utility programs which will tweak, optimize and turbo-charge your Windows PC. Each of the programs we’ve recommended has offered a specialisation, such as GameBooster for speeding up the machine when you want to play games, or CCleaner for tidying up redundant files. Now there’s a new and very cool kid on the block, which provides a more generalist approach by combining all the major tweaks in one very sophisticated package.

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Free Software May 11, 2012 posted by

GO Launcher EX completely customises the look and feel of your Android phone [Freeware]

One of the most powerful features of the Android operating system, which many people don’t know, is the fact that you’re not restricted to the user interface that your mobile provider embeds on your handset. Unlike certain other systems…cough…iOS…cough… Android gives you the flexibility to tweak and customise everything from the Home screen to the icons and beyond. Ultimately, of course, you can do away with the stock system and replace it completely with a new version of your choosing, like the…

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TabMinder and LeechBlock stop you wasting time on websites instead of working [Daily Freeware]

Here’s the thing. I never waste time on websites when I should be working. No really. I never dawdle over Hacker News, Reddit, slouch around BBC News or click and giggle at Why would I do that stuff, when work’s so very very important? I’m sure you folks never do it either, and that it’s nose down from the moment you arrive at your desk till the moment they open the cage doors at the end of the day.

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