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Temper is a freeware MIDI audio sequencer with smarts [Daily Freeware]

Got dreams of grabbing some fame and fortune as a rock god? Fancy yourself with the art of song writing, but a little stretched for cash at the moment? Well maybe you need to check out the Temper freeware audio sequencer for Windows. This full blown audio suite offers piano roll MIDI editing, multi-track mixing, and VST compatibility. If the above means nothing to you at all, then maybe you’re better off using something else, but if you’re willing to…

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Audacity 2.0 arrives and all is well in the audio editing world again [Daily Freeware]

Audacity, the brilliant open source audio editing program for PC, Mac and Linux has just had a major upgrade. The new Audacity 2.0 has been given some major new features and improvements which should delight casual and professional users alike. For starters, the developers have upgraded the effects section considerably, which should make it much easier to get the kind of audio result you want. As well as new keyboard shortcuts, you can also make use of a new input and output…

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EraseTemp optimizes your PC by automatically deleting your old junk files [Daily Freeware]

In the never ending quest to make our Windows computers work better for longer, no stone remains unturned. We routinely run defrag utilities to optimize our hard disk performance (we highly recommend the free Auslogics Disk DeFrag), registry cleaners, WiFi enhancers and any other kind of tool we think will give us the best performance and reliability.

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Cool Web Apps & Sites April 4, 2012 posted by

Social Folders is a spamtastic way to sync content across social networks

There’s a large and growing number of online services and social networks clamouring for your attention and content. The mighty Facebook rules of course, as does Flickr for photos and Twitter for…um…tweets, but beyond these there are others coming up in the wings. Sites like Instagram for mobile photo sharing, Evernote, Picasa, Veoh, and more. One of the problems this presents is how to manage them all, and ensure that you keep control of where your content is going and…

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Cloudmagic gives you the ultimate power of search everywhere [Daily Freeware]

The problem with computers is they generate data, lots and lots of data. Not only that, but they store this stuff everywhere, on your computer, on the web (aka the Cloud), on remote network machines, on Internet services. That makes it tricky to retrieve the right bit of data, when you want it, because first you’ve got to remember where the heck it’s stored.

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Camtoprint lets you print out passport photos at home for free [Daily Freeware]

Going abroad on vacation is stressful enough as it is, without the added hassle of remembering to pack all the essential little bits and pieces. It’s even worse when you have to remember all the important things for the family as well, like, well maybe getting passports renewed or organized? The amount of trouble it can be even getting the photos done is enough to put you off travelling for good.

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Awesome March 29, 2012 posted by

Maxthon for Android is the smartphone browser you’ve been waiting for [Daily Freeware]

I recently spent time gushing over the new Maxthon 3 desktop web browser in our Firefox alternatives post earlier this month, and the more I use it, the more impressed I get. It’s incredibly fast, uses very little memory (and with zero memory leak) and has a ton of really useful features built in. It also keeps my laptop running around 20 degrees cooler than Firefox, especially with lots of tabs open. Something to do with CPU load I guess.

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Free Software March 28, 2012 posted by

Word Bully tackles cyber bullying by prying into your child’s life

Bullying is a nasty and pervasive part of many children’s lives, and there’s no doubt that it needs to be dealt with in as many ways as possible, ranging from parent education (how to spot the signs) to classroom monitoring to pick up on signs early enough to stop something developing into a fully traumatic event. In this regard we need to applaud any technology that helps to fight the bully at source.

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Wireless Network Watcher keeps an eye on your WiFi network connections [Daily Freeware]

It’s pretty easy for someone who’s determined to hack into your WiFi network nowadays, even if you think you’re safe with WPA encrypted password protection and all the rest. WEP security is all but useless, and yet people still rely on it to keep others from accessing their wireless LAN. The annoying thing is that anyone camping on your bandwidth costs you money, as well as using up your bandwidth allowance, which is a double whammy, let alone the security issues.

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CCfinder is a great way to find free Creative Commons images [Daily Freeware]

 The explosion in digital photography has created a massive storehouse of online images, both commercial and royalty free. But above all it has given rise to totally free photo archives, where you can download as many images as you need for your project completely free of charge. The secret lies in the use of a Creative Commons license, which is commonly used on photo services like Flickr.

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XXClone creates a safety clone of your Windows installation in case of emergencies [Daily Freeware]

There are few things more frustrating or annoying than having to try and recreate your hard disk after the original has died for whatever reason. It’s not just the fact that your whole life has probably disappeared, photos, email messages, social networking data, but there’s the added hassle of scrabbling around trying to find all the original program disks, or downloads so you can reinstall all the important stuff as soon as possible.

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5 Lean Mean Firefox Browser Alternatives…Plus A Real Stunner! [Daily Freeware]

Fed up with bloated, slow, buggy web browsers like Firefox? Yeah, me too. Just about every week now, I find myself wrestling with Firefox, and although I could switch to Chrome, it’s one Google step too far (I already owe too much of my life to the massive Google machine to be healthy). So for those who are in a similar predicament, I’ve brought together a sample of some alternative web browsers, plus one standout winner which I’ve switched to…

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