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Bookmark This! August 29, 2008 posted by

iExpense Online – your personal expense manager

iExpense Online is a new Adobe Air application that covers all the personal and household financial needs you’re ever going to need in this lifetime. The Adobe connection means you’ll need to install the Air code first, which may or may not cause you pain, but apart from that the benefits look to be worthwhile. The upside? Comprehensive feature set including budget tracker, plans and targets, charts and things like a tax estimator. Downside? Adobe Air? Just another complexity in…

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Free Software August 28, 2008 posted by

Birthday Reminder – freeware remembers their birthday, makes you look good

Birthday Reminder is a small freeware program that makes you look good by remembering birthdays so you don’t have to. Sure, if you’re one of the lucky ones with a super efficient secretary you won’t need this, but for the rest of us poor people, it could be useful. I also find that Geni is a good tool for this (for all family members at least). Birthday reminder will alert you to birthdays you need to remember, in advance of…

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