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Bookmark This! July 2, 2012 posted by

Google Maps gets an offline map update…the end of the paper map arrives?

Digital maps are awesome, and top of the tree at the moment is the venerable Google Maps. This map and navigation product started out in typical Google style as a low-key, fairly basic offering, with bare bones location information presented in a clean and nicely designed interface. My how times have changed. Last week’s launch of the latest version of Google Maps on the Android Play market has moved the whole genre onto a completely new level, since it now…

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Awesome May 3, 2012 posted by

Google Business Photos brings street view inside your store or restaurant

One day when we look back, I think we’ll recognize several points in time as being seminal in our use of the Internet. The launch of YouTube, proving that video clips could provide an alternative entertainment medium to rival TV, HTML5 for the means to replace the desktop computer with a web browser based device and finally Google Maps with Street View, as proof of the fact that digitizing across a global network can introduce a completely new paradigm for our living habits.

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