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Awesome July 12, 2012 posted by

StairMax is the world’s first stairclimber for standard wheelchairs

One of the huge problems facing people confined to wheelchairs is how to navigate their way up and down stairs. Until now the only solutions were to install a lift of some sort, either via the staircase or a separate elevator, which is not only hugely expensive, but subject to all sorts of limitations due to space and layout. Now an enterprising German company has come up with an alternative that could change things dramatically.

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Awesome June 28, 2012 posted by

Tindie is a DIY hardware hacker hobbyist heaven

What’s really great about teh Internets is how easy it is to get exposure to stuff you wouldn’t usually see. Take the wide world of hardware hacking for instance. Clearly populated by incredibly intelligent beings from a distant galaxy, this community has up to now lurked in hidden basements across the world, dreaming up cool new toys and building stuff…just for a laugh. The problem is, we mere mortals have had no way to interact with these exotic creatures, until…

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