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general April 1, 2020 posted by

LEGOs Last A Long Time In The Ocean – toy blocks can go for over 1000 years

The ocean is pretty harsh when you’re just out there, exposed to the rolling waters. So harsh in fact that it can break down plastics like LEGO bricks which are built tough. We’ve known for a while that the plastic toys could survive for a long time in the sea but scientists have recently discovered that “a long time” could be as much as 1,300 years!

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but is it art? March 24, 2012 posted by

The Free Universal Construction Kit is a brilliant way to connect your Lego to other kits

The beauty of building kits like Lego and Duplo is the fact that they unleash the imagination in ways that ordinary battery driven playthings can never do. Over the years the number of different building kits around the world has multiplied hugely, and one of the sad things is each manufacturer deliberately makes their kit incompatible with others in order to build their own empire. We all lose.

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