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Awesome June 8, 2012 posted by

Pear Comice 4 operating system turns your ratty old laptop into a blistering Mac clone [Freeware]

Which one is better, Windows or Mac? It’s a religious argument that’s been going on for as long as time has existed. Or close. Of course it’s not important at all, but still people argue and argue as if it was, such a waste. Now there’s a new way to incite even more discussion, because it looks as though Linux systems are slowly emerging from the shadows which mimic the iconic Mac desktop and more.

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Free Software March 14, 2012 posted by

Follow Up: 10 Reasons Why I’m Done With Windows…6 Months Later (the news is not good for Microsoft)

Six months ago I published a provocatively titled post called 10 Reasons Why I’m Done With Windows which outlined how and why I converted my wife’s ancient laptop to Ubuntu Linux from Windows XP, when the latter crashed spectacularly. The piece attracted a LOT of comments from both Linux fans and detractors, ranging from ‘Your post reads like any Linux Fanboy rubbish. ‘ to ‘I had the exact same experience, and all my family members (wife and kids) use Linux without…

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