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Tunescicles gives you music playlist superpowers

As we’ve noted before, YouTube currently drives a good proportion of the Web’s music discovery, but up to now we haven’t seen much in the way of basic, down home jukebox functionality from the service. Yes you can set up channels, or use your favorites as a form of playlist manager, but neither of these options gives a really satisfactory result.

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Like FM powers your music discovery with Pinterest elegance and YouTube videos

When the history books are finally written about the evolution of music in century 21, the major feature that will hold the historians spellbound is how swiftly popular music moved from being a strictly controlled, media manipulated fiefdom, to a digital free for all, curated by the global crowd. The other surprise is likely to be how much influence YouTube videos had on this shift in consumption.

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Subsonic lets you create your own Spotify cloud music service for free [Freeware]

Suddenly it seems like the world is awash with music services, but for many people it still isn’t enough. The problem is you need to pay for these services, which can be hard for those with a limited budget or a religious aversion to paying for music delivery. There are free alternatives to commercial music streaming though, and with a bit of time and effort the results can be excellent.

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Livebeats delivers live concerts to the world

The music business is in a state of…ah…change? Is that an understatement? CD sales are dying, and although MP3 downloads are rising it’s not enough to compensate for lost revenue and keep those expensive music lawyers in the style to which they’re accustomed. Their saviour seems to be live music, now enjoying something of a resurgence.

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MP3Gain cures the annoying LOUD and soft music tracks problem [Daily Freeware]

I’ve started to use my phone as a music player much more nowadays, especially when I bike down to the shops or whatever (yes I’m careful not to shut out traffic noise!). One of the thing I’ve noticed though, is how annoying it is when different tracks play at different volumes. I’m not just talking about quiet tracks, but also tracks which should be loud but which aren’t for some reason (probably because I ripped them poorly from my CD).

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Musikame lets you play DJ with Soundcloud tracks

Soundcloud is starting to build an ecosystem, which is a very good sign that an online application is getting popular. What we mean by ecosystem is a set of external applications and functions that add value to the core, rather like Skype apps make the Skype platform much more than just an Internet phone system.

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Muffin Player Pro promises cloud storage and a free music player in one [Daily Freeware]

Two years ago we really slated Mufin MusicFinder Base as a sleazy ‘piece of garbage’ for pretending to be freeware when in fact it was a 7 day time limited trial. Well they must have heard us, because they’re now back in the market with a completely re-branded, genuinely free music player product, with some free cloud storage thrown in.

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Music Smasher serves up all your favorite music services with one click

Look around and you’ll notice there’s no shortage of online streaming music services. In fact you could say there’s a bit of a glut, what with all these, exfm, Grooveshark chaps and the rest hanging out trying to attract our attention. Each one offers something slightly different feature-wise, which makes it hard to pick out one service which is the definitive go-to place to beat the rest (although if we had to choose we’d still stick with the mighty Spotify).

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Songspin lets you stream songs all day and night for free

There’s no shortage of streaming music services around, that’s for sure, from mega services like Spotify and Pandora to ‘please don’t sue us any more’ upstarts Grooveshark, so there’s obviously a demand out there for this stuff. Whoever it was that said streaming is the new radio is probably not far from the truth, although I suspect that most of the smaller services spend a good deal of time looking over their shoulder at either the RIAA legal activities or YouTube viewing figures.

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Gadgets August 28, 2008 posted by

iConverter Turntable Radio – retro your vinyls into the future

The iConverter Turntable with Radio marks a new high point in retro style geek tech. Tears of nostalgia will flow, nay flood, down your cheeks as you gently place your Loving Spoonful album on the deck for conversion to the digital universe. A lump will come to your throat as you twiddle the plastic silver knobs. Oh such happy happy times… 73.17 Euros. Simply playback all your records through the mains powered iConverter Turntable and coupled with the software supplied,…

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iConverter Turntable Radio – retro your vinyls into the future