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Heading to London for the Olympics? Download this first…it might help

For those of you from foreign climates (i.e. anywhere outside the M25 motorway in the UK) who may be considering heading to London for the Olympics 2012 this month, we have a little tool we feel you may want to consider downloading for your Android smartphone. It’s (possibly) guaranteed to help you save the day if you’re in a social situation near the Olympic Village and find yourself grasping for a conversational gambit or two.

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but is it art? March 10, 2012 posted by

Now you can buy your very own authentic London Underground and street signs

There are probably going to be a few extra tourists in London this year, what with that thing called the Olympics 2012 going on. The London money machine must be humming with activity as the capital gears up to fleece…cajole…encourage those lucky visitors to spend, spend, spend as they watch their favourite athlete work their hearts out for their country.

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