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Like FM powers your music discovery with Pinterest elegance and YouTube videos

When the history books are finally written about the evolution of music in century 21, the major feature that will hold the historians spellbound is how swiftly popular music moved from being a strictly controlled, media manipulated fiefdom, to a digital free for all, curated by the global crowd. The other surprise is likely to be how much influence YouTube videos had on this shift in consumption.

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WunderMap is an interactive weather map on steroids

What is it about the weather that’s so fascinating? Sure it’s nice to know whether it’s going to rain, but apart from that who needs to know the wind direction at 2.30pm? We reckon it comes from our primordial past when man worked with the elements to survive harvest panics and stuff like that. We also suspect that weather forecasting hasn’t really improved that much since the days when a Shaman threw some bones in the fire, but tell you…

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Ask For Task points the way to a neighborhood friendly future

If there’s one good thing that may come from all the recent economic turmoil, it’s a return to some good old fashioned neighborliness. Back in the day it was usual for people to help each other out in their community, because you never knew when you might need a hand yourself. However today we’re all so busy staying alive that this stuff has kind of fallen away.

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Dropcanvas is a stunningly easy way to share files

A wise old man once told me that there were only three things worth having in life. First, a good raincoat. Second, the phone number of a nearby greengrocer and finally a solid, easy to use file sharing service. Well I’m set for the first two, and now it looks as though we may be good for the last.

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HomeZada is a powerful free way to manage your home and contents

No matter where you live, whether it’s a small apartment or a luxuriously appointed McMansion, you’re going to be faced with dealing with stuff. Y’know, the kind of things that you forget about until it’s too late. Maintenance schedules, repair manuals, an inventory of your gadgets for insurance purposes, even product receipts to keep track of warranties. It’s all a necessary part of life, but up till now this sort of stuff has been really hard to manage unless you’re some…

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Finish My Projects is a great way to recycle your cool ideas

Everyone gets a great idea once in a while, in the shower, while out with friends, maybe during a movie. But often the realization of that idea proves to be just too tricky or expensive or time consuming, and so the project languishes in the corner of a shed or your mind. As someone once said, ‘ideas are easy, it’s the execution that counts’.

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Family Leaf gives you a private family room on the Web

The massive scale of social networks like Facebook and Google+ is really astonishing in many ways. The idea that half a billion people can sign up to a single service and exchange phone numbers is, frankly, astonishing. But it can also be quite unnerving to some folk, and even intimidating to those who prefer a slightly more quiet life.

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Bliss Control is a superb way to manage your social network settings

How many social networks do you belong to? At least one I bet. Well that’s all well and good, but what happens if you’ve signed up to a bunch of them, and you’re trying desperately to manage them, i.e. do things like change password, or email settings or your profile photos. It can be a nightmare to find all the relevant parts of each admin panel to get things done.

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