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The Death of Internet Explorer.


The Ferret’s current web browser share. No comment!


  • I Apologise for accessing your site via IE….I hate to be one of the 41.41% but I’m at my work PC. I’ll make it up to you by checking back later with FireFox!

    Rediscover the web :)

  • But ferret lovers are atypical because they like gizmos and firefox is essentially a gizmo. It’s the stats from the BBC or Guardian that would be more interesting to see.

  • The fatal flaw in Firefox (for me anyway) is its inability to open multiple selected links with a single click. I have found this ability in iRider which also uses a page list that I find superior to tabs. So, although its signature in your logs identifies it as IE6 since it uses that engine it is far more efficient than Firefox for actual browsing. I do a LOT of browsing, if you see my site you’ll see evidence of that.

    I’ve been using it for months and while I do occasionally pick up a nasty malware but the overall efficiency still gives iRider an edge over Firefox (which I was using for the several months prior to finding iRider).

    Just another opinion. :)

  • Oh, btw:

    Browser use by visitors to Andilinks:
    For the 81 days ending 07/21/04, IE6 72% Nets/Moz 17% IE5 6% Other 4%
    For the 29 days ending 10/09/04, IE6 71% Nets/Moz 18% IE5 6.5% Other 3.5%
    For the 30 days ending 12/09/04, IE6 74% Nets/Moz 14% IE5 7.0% Other 5.0%
    For the 34 days ending 01/29/05, IE6 72% Nets/Moz 18% IE5 6.0% Other 4.0%

  • Hmm, interesting Andi, there obviously is a skew then, depending on which site is being accessed (or which type of site?). Re the iRider thing, I suggest you do what I did once and go to the Firefox Extension forum and ask someone if there’s a plug-in that can replicate the functionality. And if not, could someone please write it? :-)

  • L., agreed. Let’s ask Auntie to divulge!! :-)

  • The problem with Firefox is that they are constantly upgrading and then the extensions are not upgraded with the new version. There are always new bugs and weird stuff to deal with.

    I do production, I go from site to site quickly and I like the way iRider lets multiple sites load in the background.

    I could persuade someone to build a Firefox equivalent, but why? That would be abandoning something that works fine for something that might work someday if I spend a lot of time messing with it.

    Besides, Firefox stores its cache as useless binary files. Yes there is (clunky) software to convert them but the IE cache can be exported to an ordinary directory very easily.

    Oh the “1/29/05” in my earlier post (table) is a typo. It should read “1/28/05.”

    Some of my traffic is Google referrals for women’s wear, popular music, etc. Skewed toward newbies there, though I do have a lot of techy traffic too. It is a big sample though, 1600 visitors/day, 1000 unique IP’s/day.

  • You win Andi! :-) (actually I just looked at iRider and it looks quite nice). But paying for a browser? Sheesh! :-)

  • >>But paying for a browser? Sheesh! :-)

    Yes, these things should be free, but all that extra clicking with FF and IE was holding me back…

    >>You win Andi! :-)

    Sweeter words were never spoken. :)

  • >>You win Andi! :-)

    Tsk, I bet you hear those words all the time! :-)

  • Breaking news, feature appears in FF extension!


    via Lifehacker…

  • Now *that’s* the power of positive thinking!! :-)

  • Oh I forgot Lifehacker is too new to be Googlindexed.


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