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The Most IMPORTANT Video You’ll Ever See


The Most IMPORTANT Video You’ll Ever See. I’m not going to comment on this. Just watch it and make up your own mind.

 (Format = eight part lecture from a physics professor in the USA. Oh and you might need this for Segment 5 if it hangs on you.)


  • The half-empty glass is what keeps liberals in business. If things are going great there is no need to be on the left. As an academic, he is not involved in the outside world other than to read about it. His only audience is teenagers. This is simply classic hippie anti-capitalism rehashed. We can thank them for the global warming hoax, anti-nuclear paranoia and all the other nonscientific “science” that these marginalized, sour-grapes types spew.

  • Interesting take Todd. From what I can see it’s mathematics. But you’re clearly more of an expert than I am.

  • Interesting take Todd. From what I can see it's mathematics. But you're clearly more of an expert than I am.

  • Nigel I love Red Ferret and check it at least a couple times a day. Don’t mind my negative comments about a certain item! You are doing a great thing with Red Ferret that my kids and I both love.

  • :-) No problem Todd, thanks for reading. I'm doubly happy that your kids love it too, heh!

  • Sounds like the old arguments in the book “The Population Bomb”. Fortunately things like economics and technological development prevent the apocalyptic scenarios from coming about.

  • todd – what you’ve written sound like you’re reciting from a religious text. it also makes me think that you didn’t watch all 8 of the videos.

    you missed the point of what he said and you interjected ideas that in no way deal with what he was saying. you only responded with something that made you comfortable.

    if you reflect upon current events you can see how many of the major news items are directly related to what was covered in the video. all of the conflicts in the world today are based on the control of dwindling resources. while a few of these relationships will not be clear for a time it is quite clear that all war is economic.

    the solutions to the problems that were presented in the video are a going to be an economic alternative to war while having the same moral imperative. ignorance and dogmatic adherence to the party line are the roadblocks to achieving well planned solutions.

    given your comments, you are one of those roadblock. until we can get past that type of obstacle then those same roadblock are the cause of the anticapitalist fervor that you give lip service to.

  • Daniel you are exactly right.. it did sound like a religious rant; I did not watch all 8 videos, and I did respond only with something that made me comfortable.

    But I still stand by it. When you are in your forties, you will have seen this stuff over and over and over from the same people. Yet as poster Bob says, the free market empowers us to create adaptive solutions.

    So people are not quite so horrible as our dear professor likes us to believe.

  • todd – so what you’re saying is that you don’t have a valid basis for commenting on this given that you don’t have any actual knowledge of what was said.

    prof. bartlett never said that people are horrible. you falsely inferred that. you can check into what he says, he invites you to.

    your only authority comes from being in your forties and your dogma. you’re statements are remarkably infantile and wholly orwellian. what you wrote is a celebration of “four legs good, two legs bad” and doublethink. attacking intellectuals goes hand in hand as a tried and true methodology.

    what surprises me most about that kind of nonsense is that in business there can be such effective use of resource planning and forecasting. in the poor performing companies in the world, those that do not plan for their one time growth then they are ripe for failure.

    in his lecture, prof. bartlett invites you to check his facts and calculations. he invites you look into the planning that it takes for continued success. it’s very simple.

  • Todd wrote:This is simply classic hippie anti-capitalism rehashed.

    Thank you, Eric Cartman, for your contribution.

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