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The Stowaway Guitar.


The Stowaway Guitar. Disassemble, carry around a bit. Assemble. Applause. Or something. But doesn’t it bend the strings all out of shape? $499.95. [Via Ektopia]

 As with all Stewart guitars, the Clip-Joint neck connection system allows easy assembly and disassembly. When disassembled, the neck of the Stow-Away can be stored in a diagonal storage cavity in the back of the guitar body…The Stow-Away can then be discretely stored and in a standard 3 X 13 X 18 inch briefcase (not included) or a well padded carrying case (included).


  • Surely half (if not most) of the point of carrying a guitar is so that all the laydees can see it and think about what cool muso you are and want to sleep with you and all that… why on earth would you want to put it in a case that makes you look like an accountant instead ?

  • This is the most pointless invention I’ve seen in a long time. It seems to me that someone has worked hard to manufacture a foldable guitar just to prove that they can manufacture a foldable guitar. Unfoldable guitars (also known simply as ‘Guitars’) aren’t remotely difficult to transport. I can’t think of a single realistic application of this nonsense product.

    • Then you don't travel much

  • The big question is, will my guns all fit in the case?

  • HAHA first post!!!!!

  • This is a great invention. It's not useless if you want to carry a strat through airport security without checking it with the guitar smashers working in baggage. The stowaway is small enough to carry on or pack into a small carryon bag. If you bring a 36" guitar through security they can make you return it to check in through general baggage, you have to pay for it as well as taking a chance it'll be firewood by the time you get to where you're going. This doesn't look like a travel guitar so TSA doesn't have a fit with it's size.

  • To the first two posers at the top, you guys are morons clear and simple, if you ever worked on a military installation where your humping your gear on a blackhawk helicopter, this is the perfect solution because space is a big issue. Also, who wants to check in their guitar all the time on an airline? you can easily put this with a computer in a bag as a carry on. So this is a great invention for those on the go but obviously not much use for tools who spend their lives on the couch.

  • I have one and it has been an answer to my prayers. As someone that lives on the road and in a hotel more than home, I have not seen a travel guitar that I was remotely interested in. I had played with the idea of buying a cheap strat copy and taking the neck on and off myself. When I saw this it was a no brainer. I had to get this. It plays great, it sounds great without amplification, has great tone and sustain. I have to believe those metal plates being bolted together at the neck/body contribute to the extra volume and sustain I get out of this thing. Would definitely get another one if this was damaged or lost.

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