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Ultrasound water.


The folks at WavePure plan to use ultrasound technology called wVpR to purify and desalinate water to provide more safe drinking water for the world. More’s the point, they also intend to supply domestic products too, which is even gooder, especially if it stops us spending zillions on bottled rubbish. Excellent stuff.

 With only a fraction of the cost of current methods, Ultrasound can quickly turn the oceans’ salt water and contaminated fresh water into 98% pure glacier water. Ultrasound instantly kills all bacteria, viruses, fungi and waste products in the water we drink, and removes any minerals and metals from the water we wish to use…Ultrasound offers the ultimate technological solution for purifying both fresh and sea water, providing an almost unlimited low-cost supply and insuring the health and safety of water the world over.


  • This seems to be a scam. Technically, ultrasound does NOT desalt, and it does not kill virus etc. Oceans are 98% pure as it is (about 2% salinity), so I can take ocean water and call it 98% pure without doing anything! No end to what some companies will claim. Next week, we will be shown a cyclonic airfilter for cars that will decrease gas consumption if you use it. Bah humbug.

  • I agree with the previous comment. If you click on “ultrasound” on their website they first state that “ultrasound is a proven technology”, implying that the water filtration idea works, and then have pictures of pregnancy ultrasounds and baby ultrasound machines. What a load of crap, to imply that the two are somehow related.

  • Hmm..interesting. Maybe I ought to write to them to ask?

  • It sounds weird to me…how can ultrasound possess enough energy to desalinate the seawater or to even kill viruses? Even visible light has a much higher range of frequencies compared to ultrasound. It goes against so many principles of physics and chemistry. Besides, if ultrasound were really that destructive, doctors wouldn't use it on pregnant women. Don't forget that we have and need salt (Like potassium/sodium chloride, etc) in our bodies, wouldn't the ultrasound kill those who have their hearts or wombs investigated? And if ultrasound could kill viruses, why aren't the hospitals world wide using it?

  • If you find the right frequency, it might be possible to turn water into its gas constituents; oxygen and hydrogen, but you have to break the bonds that bind this molecule, together. Peter Davies, who died in October of 2008 used to boil water with sound and very little energy. He put the device in his tea and water boiled, instantly. Before you judge, be sure to collect the facts. There is much resistance to change and the introduction of new ideas. What the world needs is, fresh water, in abundance, not naysayers. The reasoning is faulty when you say that this is a fraud. It might be, but you have not proven it, when you say that sea water is 98% pure. I think it's clear that they said that they can kill virus and bacteria with sonic vibration and I think it's quite possible to force water to let go of chlorine and sodium, using sound. John Keely found the right frequency and water came apart. If you didn't mention his work, then you don't know about him. You probably don't know the name Yul Brown, either. Look him up. He's famous for Brown's Gas. Look up Stanley Meyer. Look up David Lawton, from Australia. All of these men are important, in the transformation of water into something useful. Look up Steve Ryan, too.

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