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Water powered mower.


The Water Powered Mower. Hey it may not be robotic, and it may not move, but it’s a fascinating experiment nonetheless. Why can’t this work commercially, oh powers that rule the world? That’s what we all want to know? [Thanks HAnno!]

 I decided on “Water Engine” because it was simple and it was direct. After all, once people start using these things, all they will think of is the Water aspect of it. They will only know that they put water into the tank, and it runs. They will have little to no concept of the Electrolysis and gasses involved in their engine or car running. -So “Water Engine” it is. This engine is my very first attempt at getting something to run on “Water”. I purchased the engine for $50.00 and set it up on this little stand so that I could work on it comfortably.


  • So this is fake right? I went to the website and it just seems like a scam. If engines can run on water, why isn’t this a universally used technology. If someone is going to post some garbage about how evil american oil companies are suppressing the info, then why isn’t this used in communist countries who don’t care about corporate oil. If your defense of that is that the oil producing countries would cut off oil production to the commie countries if they used water as fuel, thus tying their hands, then i refute that by saying if you are using water engines everywhere who cares about oil companies embargo.

    • nobody said anything about evil AMERICAN oil companies….99% of the oil used in the entire world including in america is not american. the oil companies are multi-national and they are the reason why alternative fuels are not used. They actually hold patents for a number of technologies for alternative and/or more fuel efficient engines.

  • No it’s definitely not fake. Nothing I post on my site is fake. Everything I post is due to real work or research that I have done. The results reported are as accurate as they can be given the conditions at the time (my garage and an old lawn mower).

    My main problem was that I wasn’t producing enough gas to keep it running continually off of hydroxy (water). -So to fix that I’ve gone down a number of different paths which will lead to much more efficient production of “fuel” from water. Once one has enough volume per minute to sustain the engine running, then it’s just a matter of refining the process to get it portable for a vehicle.

    The lawn mower was just a simple handy engine to test on. It most definitely ran on the hydroxy gas until the reserve was used up.

    By the way I stumbled upon your site while searching on sites that are linking to me? -I was not sure what your site was all about but plan on reading a bit more to see :) I was pleasantly surprised to see the link to my site and the blurb you wrote about my 1 experiment.

  • Here is a really cool article about a South African inventor that uses this process but on a car scale. Thank you Fark.

  • Thanks for the comments Chris, it certainly looks to be a fascinating project. And Dan’s link makes me think that this tech could actually deliver some interesting stuff. :-)

  • I like your idea and I am trying to turn a small generator into water to use to run the electric in my cabin. Any ideas where I could find more information on how to do this. Do you have plans on how you did your lawn mower?

  • what if it doesent work and what if a person is to stuped to know ho to us it

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