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Welcome to the new, fresher tasting, longer lasting, great value Ferret. Please update your bookmarks to reflect the new URL at There are quite a few changes under the hood as well as in design, so read on if you’re interested.

Thanks to the most excellent help of the Golden Code Guru Teli at and the good folk at we’ve now moved to a new hosting service, updated WordPress to 1.5, added a brand spanking new design theme and included some other cool stuff as well. Whew, that was a busy weekend. Please bear with us if anything breaks, because teething is not just for kids, you know!

* The From the Vaults image on the right of the page is now live, which means that you can actually visit our fascinating archive of stuff randomly on a whim.
* There are now two site theme designs to choose from. You’ll probably need cookies enabled if you want us to remember your desire though.
* The RSS feed now serves up images.
* The Ferret is going democratic. Anyone with a great product/post they want to share with Ferret readers, can simply register and publish the words themselves. The posts will have to be cleared through moderation by the Head Ferret so there’s no guarantee that they’ll reach the front page, but if they’re good enough…! And who knows, we may find some regular long term guest contributors from this, which would be great. Please don’t bother posting stuff that’s circulating widely on other major sites, the Ferret is very fussy about that and asked me to make that very clear!
* If you don’t fancy your hand at crafting your own post, use the sparkly new Submit a Tip form. Or just email me.
* The Archives now include a recent comments section if you want to check up on the latest chat quickly. Also the comments RSS link is useful for that.
* Each post now has a Related Posts section. I like this muchly.
* Each post now has an ’email this entry’ option to let you send it to your friends. Very private.
* I’m going to try over time to transition the site away from to the more funky address, so please update bookmarks, links and other stuff when you can.

That’s about it, although I’m sure there’s stuff I’ve forgotten. Let us know if you like it, think it needs tweaking or anything is broken. Have a nice day!


  • Woohooo!! Nice job with the transition, keep up the great blog!


  • Heh, thanks Russ, very nice of you. And appreciated! :-)

  • Very very nice. =D

  • Wonderful redesign. I read everyday.

  • Thanks all. :-)

  • Love the re-design – that’s what my cookies will be showing me from now on, just a couple of smart-ass questions though:

    1. Does this mean you will be renaming to “The Maroon Ferret”?

    2. Please please please can we have a ferret in the page logo? Preferably red (or maroon). It can be shown holding a mobile phone, iPod, or whatever if it makes you feel better. Can we? Purrleeeeeese?


    3. Also now I think about it why is it the Red Ferret journal? If you ever told us I missed it I’m afraid. Also who, or what, is an ‘enorgis’?

  • Graeme,

    Maroon? Hah! No way, it’s red forever. Actually to answer your last question, it was almost called the Reckless Ferret Journal, but for some reason I changed it at the last moment. Can’t remember why. And why TRFJ? Werll…I just thought it sounded eccentric enough to make people laugh. :-)

    A Ferret logo? I’m shocked and saddened that you haven’t noticed the furry, red cuddly creature lurking on the screen of the SX1 mobile handset at the centre of the current logo. Tsk. He’s most offended. :-)

    But thanks for the nice comments anyway. Ferrets always forgive and forget.

  • How did I not see the ferret logo? I only look at the page everyday….I’m maroon faced now.

  • Love the Red Ferret Journal. The only blog I read every day without fail. Keep up the good work. I have actually bought two of the items you have featured. Maybe you could have a list of people who have bought stuff after seeing it on the Red Ferret?

    Keep up the good work.

  • Hi Red

    Belter of a design. Love it.

    One thing – knock back the pen/phone image a touch. The “Welcome” and “Red Ferrit” titles would read much better then. You have to read the words at the moment, rather than just recognising them. Too much work for most surfers. ;)

  • I wish the font size was a bit larger. Kinda hard to read without going in and changing my resolution.

  • Thanks for all the suggestions, I’ll bear them in mind for the next tweak. At the moment I’m just happy that it’s all kind of working, so not going to fiddle too much while it ‘beds in’. DM, know what you mean? Graeme – don’t go maroon. Stay purple. :-) Harry, yes quite a few buyers have found toys here. :-)

  • Looks great! Well done.

    Hug to Em

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