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Whispergen microCHP – generate your own power


If you live in cold climes and have a central heating system then you should have a look at the WhisperGen microCHP. The microCHP is a natural or LP gas powered micro co generation unit which generates heat and power in your home. Co generation units are designed to generate most of the power required by a suburban home and if more is required then extra power can be drawn from the grid. Co generation also overcomes the transmission losses when electricity is sent over long distances meaning electricity is used more efficiently as it’s generated right where it’s needed.

The microCHP replaces the boiler in a central heating system and by expelling the hot water left over from generating power it can be used to heat the house or provide hot water. The unit can generate 1000W of electricity at 230VAC and 7.5 to 12 kW of thermal energy so it would be fantastic in your chilly northern areas. Obviously you can’t run a house on 1000W all year round so you will still need to be connected to the grid but for low-draw day-to-day applications the microCHP would be ideal and it also allows you to feed back into the power grid if you can.

The generator itself uses a four cylinder Stirling engine to transform heat into electricity via an alternator. Being a Stirling engine it has very few moving parts and is much simpler and quieter than ordinary internal combustion motors. Later models may run on diesel or kerosene as well. The unit is about the size of a dishwasher and is very quiet so you can stash it anywhere in the house. The company WhisperGen is from New Zealand but they’re setting up shop in Europe with announcements to come in 2009 so keep your eye on it.

With a WhisperGen� microCHP in your home you can enjoy a warm living environment and achieve real savings by producing your own electricity to supplement your grid electricity supply. Plus, where regulations permit, you have the ability to export any unused electricity back to the grid thereby lowering your power bills even further!

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  • Nice to see some companies thinking outside the box. Up here in Canada that unit could be put to work right away. :)

  • We are looking for Micro CHP. This device is very interestong for Mongolia. In Mongolia We have more than 300000 family with Moving style of life. Nomadic type. Best Regards Yalalt

  • Hello

    to see more about whispergen AC /

    Best regards

  • What are the costs,buying and operating for a small house ?

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