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Yeti – Portable Security System


The Yeti is a portable, outdoor alarm system designed to protect your valuables from other people’s temptation. It’s designed to be left unattended in the back of your truck, near your tools or wherever your good stuff is bound to get nicked. It works like a car alarm and comes with a handy key fob to turn the unit on and off remotely so you don’t set it off as you go back and forth.

It’s equipped with a 110dB siren and a strobe so you should be able to hear and see it even over the sound of power tools. The front passive IR sensor can detect anything within 25 feet and the rear sensor anything up to 12 feet away. It also has a bump sensor so you can leave it on things as well as using the motion sensor and be assured no one can just pick it up and be off it. The built-in battery is good for 2-3 weeks of use but that will probably depend on how often you set off when you go back to get things.


The other nifty feature is it has a built-in Bluetooth unit. If you leave a spare mobile phone within Bluetooth range of the unit with your phone number programmed into the speed-dial then the Yeti can ring your phone if the alarm is triggered. You can also set the main alarm to be silent and just use the Bluetooth dialing feature so you can catch ’em in the act and teach them some manners.

The makers claim you can also use it to scare off critters or as a deterrent to keep people out of dangerous areas, after all there’s nothing like a 110dB siren to say “Danger Will Robinson!!” $US249.99 direct from the manufacturers, although personally I don’t think it’s hairy enough to be called a Yeti.

This rugged, Portable Security System, with Bluetooth� capability is perfect for protecting your tools and equipment from theft and your jobsites from intrusion. It has a variety of high-tech sensors and features designed by our crazy-smart YETI engineers.The YETI uses an array of sensors to detect would be thieves. The passive infrared sensors detect movement by sensing rapid changes in temperature such as a body moving into an area. The bump sensor is an accelerometer that detects when the unit is moved or tipped or if anything it is resting on is moved.

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  • The thing is: alarms don't work. Everybody just ignores the alarm, and when you finally get to your car all your stuff is nicked… If this thing retalliated with a 20 KV shock I guess it could work ;-)

    • ..or better yet, a portable flamethrower. :)

    • It's got a sturdy handle, you could swing it pretty hard.

  • How do I buy a YETI? I need two right away

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