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but is it art? August 1, 2006 posted by

The I-Con I Computer Desk.

The i-Con I Computer Desk. Integrate a computer into a sleek designer desk and what do you get? A strange and somewhat uncomfortable looking computing space? And it’s not even an Apple Mac inside. Tsk.  Why a PC, why not a MAC? Although I am charmed by the design of the Macintosh computers, I realise that most people don’t have an Apple. Approximately 90% of the computer users work with a PC. Amongst them must be enough people that are sensitive…

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but is it art? July 17, 2006 posted by

Paper Record Player.

Simon Elvins’ Paper Record Player. Cute. Very cute.  To play the record the handle needs to be turned in a clockwise direction at a steady 331/3 rpm. The paper cone then acts as a pick up and amplifies the sound enough to make it audible.

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but is it art? July 15, 2006 posted by

The Cryo Kennel.

The Cryo Kennel. Just one of a selection of…er…imaginative products from the Made in Eureka storehouse. (OK, so it’s a promotion for an upcoming NBC tv program, so sue me.)

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but is it art? July 13, 2006 posted by

Circuit Board Picture Frame.

Circuit Board Photo Frame. Now if this was a digital photo frame this would be hot. As it is, it’s just a bit lame geeky and not really much of a statement of your intellectuosity. But hey, it’s $12.99. And it’s almost Xmas. <ducks for cover>  Circuitboards are functional and beautiful. Ensconsing your loved ones in wildly complex electrical circuits shows your love for the subject as well as your love for all things geek. A simple picture frame constructed…

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but is it art? July 12, 2006 posted by


The Three Knuckle Shuffle and other such delights can be found on the Pimp Ya Player site. Guys it’s fun and all, but the teeny thumbnails are whack, ‘K? Put up some decent size images and make it proper blingin’ an’ ting. And yeah folks I realise it’s marketin’, but it’s still fun.  Then PYP is the placefor all your customization needs. If its not on PYP then it can’t be done, ya hear me?!! My name is Romeo Brown and…

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but is it art? July 12, 2006 posted by

Sunrise Pillow.

Rei the Sunrise Pillow Light. Nice design project, a soft lit pillow cushion thing.. Well it’s cute, OK? Cute and huggable, you gotta problem with that? Pah!  The inspiration of the design is the essences of sunlight. To me, sunlight represents warmth, happiness, joyfulness, playfulness, closeness and life. However, sometimes people take the sun for granted. People only miss the sunlight when it is scares. The concept is to create a light that captures the essences of sunlight into something…

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but is it art? July 10, 2006 posted by

Heat changing paint.

Eclipse Heat Changing Paint. I don’t know, perhaps you fancy the idea of your bath or sink turning from chocolate to lime mint green as the hot water hits (video). Personally I think this could cause severe psychotropic problems for your children and loved ones. Your mileage may vary of course, good people of earth. From $149.00 per kit. Barf bags not included.  Eclipse is a single event heat reactive basecoat that changes from Black to White or from Blue to White….

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but is it art? June 22, 2006 posted by


GenPets. Oh yes, they might be a hoax right now, but how long children, how long?  That’s right, Genpets are not toys or robots. They are living, breathing genetic animals. We use a process called “Zygote Micro Injection” which is quickly becoming a favourable method to combine DNA, or to insert certain proteins from different species. Most notably it was used in 1997 to splice mice with bioluminescent jellyfish (link) and has since been used to create glowing rabbits, pigs,…

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but is it art? June 22, 2006 posted by


The Teleblaster. Ah…so some crazy Russians figure that the best way to watch television is if it’s distorted or pixellated. So they process the signal and send it to a rather bizarre telly, and sit back with smug grins. What a thing is creativity, eh? Huzzah!  TeleBlaster allows watching TV programms both in a usual mode and in a special video signal processing mode, the processing algorithm being loaded from the external flash card. TeleBlaster also allows generating videoeffects synchronously with the…

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but is it art? June 13, 2006 posted by

Schticks and schtones.

LapSchticks. Removable and reusable laptop skins. $19.99 says your taste is probably not as great as you think it is.  LapSchticks create a unique personalized look, and are easily applied to the top of any laptop. And they come off as easily as they go on. If you change your mind on the design, simply remove the current LapSchtick and you’re ready for your next look. LapSchticks are available in a wide range of different sizes, and can be trimmed…

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but is it art? May 31, 2006 posted by

MacBook Cover.

The Apple MacBook Cover. You wanna cover your sleek white body with a made to order machine washable textile cover, you go ahead. Don’t mind us. We’re not going to say a thing. Nope. £17.99.   White protective sleeve fits Apple MacBook 13inch. Water resistant (not waterproof) rubberised outer Microfibre lining helps combat fingerprints. Machine washable. Green/Orange/Blue customised logo. Lettering of your choice, up to 15 letters max.

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but is it art? May 11, 2006 posted by


The SelfShelf. A book shelf which looks like a…book. Clever. £19.95.   The Selfshelf is a shelf with the size and the appearance of a book. It can be simply and invisibly attached to the wall using the supplied bracket and used to support a stack of books. The effect is amazing: the stack of books seem to be mysteriously glued to the wall.

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but is it art? March 31, 2006 posted by

Crystal Pez.

Swarovski Crystal Pez Dispensers. Why, you ask? Well….ah….$87.99 each. Does that do it for ya?  Individually handcrafted by the artisans at Katherine Baumann of Beverly Hills, these Pez dispensers feature America’s most famous cartoon characters, immortalized in Swarovski crystal. Each is paired with its own keepsake suede pouch…

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but is it art? March 9, 2006 posted by

Work/Life Clock Table.

The Work/Life Clock Table is battery powered and radio controlled and because it doubles up as a dining table it’s supposed to remind the family about ‘the balance between work life and family life’. I think it will remind families never to use a glass topped table ever ever again around children of a small age.  The daily stress factor has moved into the private homes.The dining table has an embedded watch. It symbolises, the importance of time – and…

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