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Yeah, but does it move me?

but is it art? March 9, 2006 posted by

Work/Life Clock Table.

The Work/Life Clock Table is battery powered and radio controlled and because it doubles up as a dining table it’s supposed to remind the family about ‘the balance between work life and family life’. I think it will remind families never to use a glass topped table ever ever again around children of a small age.  The daily stress factor has moved into the private homes.The dining table has an embedded watch. It symbolises, the importance of time – and…

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but is it art? March 7, 2006 posted by


The Emoticons. Aaargh not enough that we’ve got them plastered all over the screen, now we’ve got smilies migrating into the real world as little clay figures? Aaargh. £3.95.  With the Emoticon family you can actually decorate your desk instead of your desktop. Choose one to suit your personality, or get the lot and rotate them according to your changing moods. If you’re feeling really silly, insist on only communicating with colleagues via your emoticons. It’s one way to stop people dumping…

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but is it art? February 28, 2006 posted by

World’s first cellphone movie?

The World’s First Cellphone Movie. Eight Sony Ericsson W900i cellphones, 11 days, $164,000 (what the heck for?) and three main characters. Blair Witch Project it ain’t. Probably. [Via Metafilter]  The cheap technology used to shoot SMS Sugar Man means the cameras are always rolling, making for a fresher, more dynamic and fluid movie, with room to experiment…Kaganof–who ironically bought his first cell phone last year to make the film–dismissed concerns over quality and said the footage looked “fabulous” when blown…

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but is it art? February 17, 2006 posted by

Dalek delivered.

Oh boy, oh boy, full size Daleks for sale. Complete with voice and working lights chipset. Price at an earth shattering (geddit?) £1,995.00 ($3,463.92). You can also own a full size Tardis if you want. Yowsers, serious Dr Who geeks only please!  So, we took moulds and a million measurements from a Dalek we borrowed for a week (thanks to Martin Wilkie at Experience Design and BBC Worldwide). (There are slight variations in the first NSD episode and the second…

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but is it art? February 6, 2006 posted by

Keyboard bags.

The Keyboard Bag. Enter a new world, shift your perspective and escape from it all. Take control of your life and delete all your troubles so they never return. [OK, enough with the clever key motif already – Ed]. Also in white.

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but is it art? December 16, 2005 posted by

Blackboard Tee Shirt.

The Blackboard Tee Shirt. Why get stuck with one trendy logo/slogan on your T, when you can change your mind on a daily basis. Write on, wipe off? $40.00.  Like the blackboard it can turn off drawing the picture with anything time. Please draw favorite the picture with feeling of that day. In pocket under the left choke entering.

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Awesome November 11, 2005 posted by

Escape to LA.

Dream Scene Wallpaper Murals. Wow real life exotic wallpapers, just like the digital on-screen kind. Dude, this is so like geek heaven. Hook up a home network, install pizza oven, order crate of suitable beverage, paste up a wall mural of Barbados and you’re done. No need to leave the house for at least a year. 100 murals to choose from, priced from £39.95. I’m there.  Wallpaper Murals we supply are printed on high quality paper and are hung just as you would normal…

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but is it art? November 10, 2005 posted by

Colorization by numbers.

A team of researchers at Hebrew University in Israel have developed what seems to be a fast and simple way to colorize black and white still images and movies. This may be good news or bad, depending on which side of the ‘art is art’ divide you come from.   A major difficulty with colorization has been its labor-intensiveness. For example, in order to colorize a still image an artist typically begins by dividing the image into regions, and then proceeds to…

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but is it art? October 18, 2005 posted by

Twins talent.

Twins Talent. Sometimes only two or more will do.  Twins Talent is a unique talent company that specializes in twins, triplets, quadruplets, and quintuplets worldwide. We supply twins, triplets and quadruplets for REALITY TV, Film, Print, Commercials, Documentaries…From newborns to 95 year olds.

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but is it art? October 14, 2005 posted by

DNA Art.

DNA Art. Send your spit to us, and we’ll immortalise your DNA so that people can laugh at your broken chromosones at parties. What? Oh apparently not. Ah well. From $390.00.  The process begins with the DNA being collected using a patented, non-invasive technique: depositing your saliva into a tube. This sample is then sent to our highly secure, certified laboratory, where the DNA is extracted to create a unique genetic fingerprint…Each piece is carefully processed to ensure the highest…

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but is it art? October 7, 2005 posted by

CG eye.

The Most Beautiful Computer Graphics Girlls. Hi, my name is Hue, and I was born in Korea. My father is 3DS Max and my mother is Deirdre Photoshop.

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