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Yeah, but does it move me?

but is it art? April 19, 2005 posted by


The Pimp Shopping Cart. Only in America, my friends, only in America!  The cart features: * AM/FM/Cassette Radio and speakers * Video screen w/ TV tuner * GPS Tracking * Refridgerator/warmer * 10″ Rubber wheels * Can crusher * Slide out seat * Alarm w/strobe lights * 81 Neon and L.E.D. Lights * Tent * Solar Powered battery charging system * Deep cycle battery- Optima Yellow top

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but is it art? April 18, 2005 posted by

Geeky briefs.

Computer Code Briefcase.$24.99. What better way to say that you love Keanu, than to wander around in a black plastic mac carrying one of these? Well actually there are probably lots of ways, but we won’t go there right now.  This nifty looking briefcase is solidly constructed and covered in sleek black vinyl. On the sides is printed a slew of text uuencoded in old-school monitor green. It can’t be translated, due to the silver metal fittings and trim, but…

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but is it art? April 13, 2005 posted by

Copy art.  Artists have been invited to submit work to Copy-art in any medium that will then be available online, making it possible for visitors to use these works in any possible way and without restrictions. Submitted works can be downloaded, changed, distributed, exhibited and used by all visitors for free. All submitted works will be present online in an archive, and available to the public to access. Commercial use of the works is excluded.

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but is it art? April 11, 2005 posted by

Ambient TV.

The Color Light DVD. Use this DVD to turn your television into something infinitely more useful than a reality show barf-box – a table lamp. $22.00.  But to use your TV for background lighting we have just the thing. The Color Light DVD is a disc that will transition your TV through the entire color spectrum over about a 20-minute time span. You can pause on a specific color to provide a certain kind of background light or set a…

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but is it art? March 30, 2005 posted by

Barcode Elvis.

Barcode Elvis. A flipbook of a zoom animation of Elvis dissolving into a (his?) barcode? Weirdness for $10.00 and part of a set of six character books in total. But kind of cute.

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but is it art? March 9, 2005 posted by


The Zen Screen Garden. “It is not enough just to enjoy for oneself…true enlightenment comes only to those who share”

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but is it art? March 1, 2005 posted by

Kami Robo.

Kami Robo. Er..paper robots. Wrestling. What more needs to be said?  At the age of 10, Tomohiro Yasui began constructing robots out of paper to give form to his fantasy arena of wrestling robot fighters. Twenty years have passed, and he continues to enjoy and explore this solitary sphere of make-believe.

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but is it art? February 28, 2005 posted by

Skinz alive!

MacSkinz Limited Edition Artist Series covers for iPod. Various prices. Question class. At what point does customizing your gadget become an obsession? Discuss.  Designed by accomplished, well known artists with a world-wide following. Each PodSkinz is printed in a limited series of 100 per design. Numbered 1 through 100 on the inside.

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but is it art? February 21, 2005 posted by

Computer crafts.

Computer ornaments. Rings, armbands, necklaces, cufflinks etc, all made out of computer or typewriter parts. Fascinating sign o’ the times. Don’t think it’s for sale though (German site, see?)

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but is it art? February 3, 2005 posted by

You are getting sleepy…

The Hypnodisk. $350.00. Ferrety reader Kaden makes ‘unconventional contrivances and machina arcana.’ They’re fun and rather nicely done, methinks.  The new benchmark in desk accessories, the ideal gift for the hard-to-buy-for, and significantly more appropriate recognition for the Boardroom Brigadier than another damned soapstone carving of a hooded ptarmigan.

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Bizarre January 28, 2005 posted by

Strange but true.

The Strangerhood. A soap opera set and performed within the Sims 2 computer game? Too weird.  The Strangerhood began in the summer of 2004 when Burnie Burns and the rest of the Rooster Teeth Productions crew realized that they would not be satisfied until they spent every single free second making some kind of internet cartoon. They scanned the horizon for the latest and greatest new games, and settled on the obvious choice – The Sims 2.

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but is it art? January 21, 2005 posted by


Artocracy. Art for the masses, by the masses? Power up the inkjet printer and play!  Artocracy was started to help artists make extra money through digital and downloadable prints…We realize that a digital print is not a one of a kind artwork; they are not meant to be. These prints are to bring challenging ideas, innovative artworks, and people together. Not all art has to be precious, there is a freedom in having it not be precious. Artocracy is about the…

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but is it art? January 17, 2005 posted by

Baby bling.

Infantile’s Gold Chains T for baby. $22.00. Er…very New York, eh?  Teach your kid the advantages of flossing at a young age — Brooklyn-based artist Maya Hayuk comes correct with these gold ropes. “Ma ma,” “da da,” “bling bling.” Makes sense to us.

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