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Awesome April 4, 2006 posted by

Android dawn.

Well it’s almost here. The age of the android. No, it’s no use you protesting, pretending that it’s still science fiction, turning your face to the wall. Take a look around. At the Japanese, at ReplieeQ2, the latest generation of android from Osaka University. Sure they’re still primitive in many ways, but so were calculators back in the sixties, now look where we are. You’re excited by Robosapien? Pah!

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Awesome March 28, 2006 posted by

Learn disco and die. Laughing.

Learn Disco. (video) Quite simply the most hilarious thing I’ve seen for years, and worthy of Zefrank, if it wasn’t for the fact that it’s deadly serious. Oh gosh, the hip moves, the suits…my life may never be the same again. Sources (thanks Roosa) tell me that Finnish dance maestro Ake Blomqvist and his wife Leena are well respected dance tutors in Finland, and indeed are still going strong today. Words fail me. Ake you, and your slightly grubby dance trainers, are beyond priceless.

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Awesome February 27, 2006 posted by

Hidden Passageway.

Hidden Passageway. Oh yes! Cough up $10,000 (or $1500 for the DIY kits) and these guys will craft your own personal hideaway, complete with uber cool ‘push the book’ switches, or rotating lamp switches or tilting candle holder switches or ‘holy batcave, Batman’, just too brilliant for words switches. Check out the animations and videos and then tell me you couldn’t think of a thousand great ways to use this stuff in the den. [Thanks Tom!]  A thief cannot burglarize a…

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Awesome February 22, 2006 posted by

Astonishing CGI.

The Flowlines CG software from German company Scanlines really does show just how incredible – with a capital I – modern computer generated graphics can be. We’re talking photo-realistic and mind-boggling.  Flowline is Scanline’s Inhouse Software designed to handle all types of effects. It is a new approach to Hydro Fluid Simulation and Rendering for Fire, Water, Oceans, Smoke, Clouds and other effects…

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Awesome February 15, 2006 posted by

The AJAX Translator.

The AJAX Translator. Genius, just genius. Type stuff and receive immediate on-screen translation in one of five languages. Did I mention that it’s a genius application? Proof of concept at the moment, but this one should run and run…

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Awesome January 26, 2006 posted by

Robot Elephant.

Forget about them puny Japanese robots, what, 3 foot tall? Pah! What you really need is a 30 foot high robot elephant which actually walks along like one of those Star Wars thingies. Awesome tech. And it’s French?

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Awesome November 21, 2005 posted by

Bling, blang, blong?

Mirrachrome chrome paint. Fancy making your own bling-u-tastic stuff? Then you need this uber paint. Bling your car, your PC or your cat (well, perhaps not kiddies). But whatever you do, don’t bling the wrong number. Thank you thank you, we’ll be here all week. $1,200.00 a gallon.  MirraChrome represents the latest in reflective coating Technology. It’s near microscopic particle content provides superior surface orientation. This particle alignment is the key to MirraChrome’s shine. While many attempts have been made by others…

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Awesome November 21, 2005 posted by

CGI – eye, yi, yi.

1st Avenue Machine computer graphics animation bits have been around on the net for a while, but this is the first time I’ve seen a selection of their stuff stored under the one roof. If you haven’t seen any of it yet, do yourself a favour and take some time out to enjoy.

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Awesome November 11, 2005 posted by

Escape to LA.

Dream Scene Wallpaper Murals. Wow real life exotic wallpapers, just like the digital on-screen kind. Dude, this is so like geek heaven. Hook up a home network, install pizza oven, order crate of suitable beverage, paste up a wall mural of Barbados and you’re done. No need to leave the house for at least a year. 100 murals to choose from, priced from £39.95. I’m there.  Wallpaper Murals we supply are printed on high quality paper and are hung just as you would normal…

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Awesome November 8, 2005 posted by

Gigayacht, gigaprice.

The Gigayacht. 405’ long and one of the largest yachts in the world – but is it built yet? – is for sale on eBay. Special Buy it Now price of $85 million is for 50% of the full value of $168,000,000. Hurry chillen, this offer won’t last for long. Oh and the buyer is responsible for shipping. Arf!  With a range of 16,000 NM, this 405′ stunning new Frank Mulder Design Gigayacht can cruise anywhere in the world in…

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Awesome October 27, 2005 posted by

Egg babies.

Egg Babies. Stunning tiny polymer clay babies sculptured to fit inside an eggshell. From $200 to $1000. Astonishing.

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Awesome October 25, 2005 posted by

Riya photo search.

Riya, the free photo service which lets you search through – and tag – your images face by face. Not hosting, note, just search and tag. Erm…if this works (and I’ll give it a go and report back later) this is potentially the single most awesome service to mankind since the invention of the wet wipe. As the site says – ‘We started this company after realizing that we had 1000’s of digital photos on our computer all labeled DSC0009.jpg,…

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Awesome October 24, 2005 posted by

I, Robot.

Robby the Robot comes to play. The Official, Special Edition, seven foot high, animatronic, remote controlled Robby the Robot reproduction from the 1956 movie Forbidden Planet. Created from the original blueprints by little green blob-like creatures with furry antenna and suckers for mouths. Nah, just kidding. No joking about the price though – an alien attack inducing $49,999.95. [Thanks Jerry].  The robot is pre-programmed to deliver his famous lines from the original movie, and the remote control allows you to adjust…

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Awesome October 22, 2005 posted by

The GMail quota clock!

Got GMail? Seen your new real time quota counter yet? (hint: it’s on the Welcome page) It sits there counting up as your message space disk allocation increases. Tick, tick, tick. I’m not clever enough to work out the speed…but wow anyway!

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Awesome October 21, 2005 posted by

Ground Control to Major Tom…

NASA Space Shuttle EVA Space Suit. Aww, man. I wanna play with one of these really badly. Really really. Look it’s got them retro rocket handle thingies too. Huh? You’re kidding, it’s a replica? For $17,500.00? Will they accept a replica VISA?  Our Fantastic Space Shuttle EVA Space Suit is custom made per order. Available with or without MMU, EMU and more. Not Available for Online Purchase! Molded from a Space Shuttle EVA Space Suit this is authentic enough for…

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